Friday, June 16, 2017

Kate Bosworth, Michael Polish plus Others

The 34-year-old actress and her 46-year-old actor spouse have joined forces with Jacques Marie Mage, a brand which is also known as J.M.M, to create a limited edition eyewear capsule, which is set to launch over the upcoming months, according to PEOPLE.

And the blonde-haired beauty has claimed there is an element of "romance" behind her and her partner's designs.

Speaking about her latest venture, the 'Still Alice' star said: "There is a romance behind the design process of these glasses."

And the company has echoed Kate's description and they believe the collaboration works because of the couple's "shared sense of love and creativity".

Speaking in a statement, the brand said: "[It is] linked by the couple's shared sense of love and creativity."

Kate and Michael's line includes feminine white and gold marble oversized glasses, as well as a darker colored version, aviator specs, and many more highly coveted products.

However, this is not Kate's first foray into the fashion industry as she has previously partnered with the high street brand Topshop on a clothing capsule in 2013, as well as a shoe range with Matisse one year later.

And earlier this year the style icon collaborated with Tory Burch to release her own handbag titled Kate Bosworth X Gemini Bag, which she believes is a "classic" accessory.

Speaking previously about her design, she said: "I love the aesthetic. It has a cool Seventies California vibe that I love so much but is also a classic. But perhaps what I love most is what the Gemini Link bag represents, which is the multiple roles we take on as powerful women.

"I am an actress, a producer, a stepmother, a friend, a wife ... We are all many things and I adore that this bag embodies this sentiment."

That's great. All the best to all of you. God bless.

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