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Ms. Laura Antonelli

Happy Birthday Ms. Antonelli. God bless.

Tom Sizemore, Howie Mandel, Kim Delaney, Laura Marano, Ms. Diane Ladd and Cathy Moriarty

Happy Birthday guys. God bless.

Don Cheadle, Joel Coen, Garry Shandling, Anna Faris, Lauren German, Andrew McCarthy, Jeff Fahey, Gena Lee Nolin and Beatrice Rosen

Happy Birthday guys. God bless.

Hugh Jackma by Natalie Finn

Here's something to howl about: Hugh Jackman may be raring to strip down and fuzz up as Wolverine again.
The Australian hunk is in talks to reprise the role for director Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to X-Men: First Class (which, in turn, was a prequel to the trilogy that starred Jackman as the brooding mutant in the first place), Jackman's rep confirms to E! News.
We could probably use a superhuman mastermind to sort this all out for us, but we'll do our best.

In addition to Singer's X-Men and X2, the Brett Ratner-directed X-Men: The Last Stand and an uncredited appearance in X-Men: Origins, Jackman also starred in his own spinoff, 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine and has The Wolverine coming out next year.
So he could probably do Days of Future Past in his sleep.

But why would he want to? Singer revealed Monday that Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are onboard to join his worlds-colliding addition to the sprawling franchise, so Jackman will get to work with some of his old cronies again.
The cast also includes First Class alums Michael Fassbender, Nicholas Hoult, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy.
Long before we're cheering for Wolverine again, however, Jackman will be making us weep into our popcorn as Jean Valjean in the sweeping musical adaptation of Les Misérables that will be storming the theater barricades on Christmas Day.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

source:Chris Jackson/Getty Images/

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge by Gina Serpe

Now here's a neat piece of travel planning: Prince William and Kate Middleton have made their way to their namesake city for their first official royal visit. And homecoming.
Yes, the Cambridges are in Cambridge.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge—along with the latter's all-new bangs—paid an official visit to the English city today, being greeted upon their arrival (via train) by hundreds of local well-wishers.

The 30-year-olds were met at the station by the well-titled Lord Lieutenant of Cambridgeshire and his wife, and quickly began their official business, making their way to the Senate House at Guildhall, where they spent a respectable amount of time spent greeting fans, posing for photos and receiving flowers, before beginning their tour.

While in town, the royal pair also mingled with some Cambridge University students at an afternoon reception. Ever the style queen, the duchess wore a pair of her trusty LK Bennett shoes for the visit, but covered up her no-doubt-enviable frock with a cream belted Max Mara coat.
All in all, it's just the latest stop for the royals in what's turning out to be a rather busy week. Over the weekend, the couple visited Welsh rugby players, yesterday Kate hit up London's Natural History Museum, and tomorrow she's due to return to her alma mater, St. Andrews University in Scotland, for yet another visit.
And, it follows, a wardrobe ogling free-for-all.

Amy Locane-Bovenizer

source:Getty Images/

Amy Locane-Bovenizer by Tim Kenneally

"Melrose Place" alum Amy Locane-Bovenizer is once again immersed in drama -- but this time it's in court rather than on the small screen.

Locane-Bovenizer -- who played Sandy Louise Harling for 13 episodes on the '90s nighttime soap -- was convicted of vehicular homicide by a jury in Somerset County Superior Court in New Jersey on Monday, in connection to a June 2010 drunken crash that killed one person and critically injured another. reports that Locane-Bovenizer -- who dodged a more serious charge of aggravated manslaughter --- was also found guilty of assault by auto. The 40-year-old faces five to 10 years on the vehicular homicide charge and three to five years on the assault by auto offense.

Penalties for nine motor-vehicle summonses, including DWI and fleeing from the scene of an accident, are also being faced by the actress.

During the trial, prosecutors contended that Locane-Bovenizer was driving drunk and speeding when her Chevy Tahoe collided with a car that was making a left turn, killing the passenger and critically injuring the passenger's husband, who was driving. Prosecutors said that the actress was driving 53 mph in a 35 mph zone, and had a blood-alcohol content three times the legal limit of .08.

Locane-Bovenizer's defense attorney didn't argue that the actress was intoxicated during the crash. However, she claimed that her client was speeding because she was fleeing another car that rear-ended her prior to the crash, and that the driver of the car she hit was making the left turn too slowly.

In addition to "Melrose Place," Locane-Bovenizer, a native of Trenton, N.J., also co-starred in the 1990 Johnny Depp film "Cry-Baby."

Ms. Esme Chandlee We Salute You

by Todd Cunningham

Ms. Esme Chandlee, a pioneering female publicist who began her career opening fan mail at MGM in 1942 and went on to represent Judy Garland and Clark Gable, has died. She was 94.

She died in her sleep on Nov. 24 at her Hollywood Hills home, her friend Tony Rizzo told TheWrap on Tuesday.

At MGM, Chandlee was one of a handful of publicists who worked with Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy, Grace Kelly, Lesley Caron, Lionel Barrymore, James Stewart and other contract players at the studio.

"A lot of women in publicity owe their success to Esme and women like her," publicist Henri Bollinger told TheWrap Tuesday.

Bollinger worked with Chandlee starting in 1958, when she left MGM and joined the PR firm Cleary, Strauss & Irvin as an associate. She brought her client Gable, among others, with her.

"She was a ground breaker, one of the first women to represent the biggest stars," Bollinger recalled. "She was the ultimate lady, always dressed to the nines and well-coifed. She was a lovely individual, down to earth and at the same time, very, very protective of clients -- exactly what those stars wanted in their representatives."

In 1961, she opened Esme Chandlee Public Relations, where her first clients were John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands.

“She was absolutely the queen of them all,” Rowlands said years later. “I was with Esme since she left MGM. She was the ultimate in class."

In 1968, Chandlee began representing Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott, and she stayed on the job until she retired at the age of 89.

Chandlee served as president of the Hollywood Women’s Press Club and the Publicists Guild. She received the guild’s highest honor, the Les Mason Award, in 1984.

“She came to me and said she’d like to help me,” Selleck recalled when she won the award. “I told her I had no money, and she said that wasn’t an issue right then. To learn what a publicist was from someone with Esme’s integrity and professionalism was a blessing."

She also worked as an associate producer on one of the first celebrity interview TV shows, "Here's Hollywood," from 1960-62.

Chandlee had a wealth of stories to tell and one of her favorites, according to Rizzo, came from the day Gable was leaving MGM at the end of his contract. Chandlee asked the star if there was anything he wanted, and Gable replied: "I want to ride off the lot quietly, with you in the car."

Chandlee is survived by her great-nephew Matt Nix, creator of USA Network’s "Burn Notice"; his sister Esme; his mother and father Susan and Philip; Nix’s wife Melinda and their children Charlie, Esme and Mateo; and Chandlee’s niece Lee Turner.

Plans for a service are pending, Rizzo said.


By Free Britney (Not suitable for kids)

Glenn Beck, right-wing political pundit and artiste extraordinaire, placed a small figurine of President Barack Obama statue in a jar of urine on his Web show Tuesday.

He did so to make a point about artist Michael D'Antuono's First Amendment right to hang a painting depicting Obama as Jesus Christ. Beck's counter-statue:

"This guy has a right to do this," he mused. "I think that it's offensive. I don't think it's close to reality, but whatever floats your boat. I support his right to do exactly that."

Beck then showed just how much he supports Americans' freedom of expression by creating his own controversial, potentially offensive piece of Barack art.

Using "a Mason jar with a little pee-pee in it," Beck submerged a small Obama statue in a jar of his [presumably fake] urine. "Flowbama," he dubbed it.

It can be yours, too, for the "bargain price of $25,000."

Glenn notes that if the Obama pee statue actually sells, he's got a follow-up in mind: "I'm going to do another piece of art for Michelle Obama and her little abs," he said.

Careful, Glenn. She exercises her 2nd Amendment right to BARE ARMS, and could almost certainly kick your ass. But by all means, sculpt and urinate like a madman.

"It's all protected by this," he said, pointing to the Constitution. "Whether you're offended by this one, or by this one, sucks to be you, doesn't it? Welcome to America."

Land of the free, baby.

Mark Hamill by Brett Malec

We're not the only ones excited for Star Wars 7.
Original franchise star Mark Hamill is also stoked for the new Star Wars flicks, but that doesn't mean he's 100% on board to reprise his role as Luke Skywalker in the upcoming films...yet!
"We have questions about it," Hamill (speaking for himself and Star Wars costar Carrie Fisher) told us last night at the Hollywood premiere of his new flick Sushi Girl. "And really, they're not even at the stage where they're able to answer those questions because, as far as I know, is there a story yet?"

"I loved all those people, I really did," Hamill gushed about working with Fisher, Harrison Ford and director George Lucas on the first three Star Wars movies. "Until I know more about what they have in mind, I think it's better to let Lucasfilm make the announcements."
Hamill, 61, stayed tight-lipped when asked about who he could see taking over his iconic role in the sci-fi franchise.
"If they were going to do a story where Luke was too young or too old for me to play, they would get an age-appropriate actor," he said. "There's so many good people."

Who should play the new Han Solo?
Like Ryan Gosling or perhaps Bradley Cooper?
"All of them are good," he teased. "I love actors, number one. There's probably nobody that you could name that I don't like, depending on what it is they're in. Too many to choose just one."



Deck the halls with boughs of holly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la
Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la.
Don we now our gay apparel,
Fa la la, la la la, la la la.
Troll the ancient Yuletide carol,
Fa la la la la, la la la la

See the blazing Yule before us.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Strike the harp and join the chorus.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Follow me in merry measure.
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la
While I tell of Yuletide treasure.
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la

Away in a manger, no crib for His bed,
The little Lord Jesus laid down His sweet head;
The stars in the sky looked down where He lay,
The little Lord Jesus, asleep in the hay.

The cattle are lowing, the poor Baby wakes
But little Lord Jesus, no crying He makes.
I love thee, Lord Jesus, look down from the sky.
And stay by the cradle till morning is nigh

I saw three ships come sailing in,
On Christmas day, on Christmas day,
I saw three ships come sailing in,
On Christmas day in the morning.

Pray whither sailed those ships all three?
On Christmas day, on Christmas day,
Pray whither sailed those ships all three?
On Christmas day in the morning.

Oh, they sailed into Bethlehem,
On Christmas day, on Christmas day,
Oh, they sailed into Bethlehem,
On Christmas day in the morning.

And all the bells on earth shall ring,
On Christmas day, on Christmas day,
And all the bells on earth shall ring,
On Christmas day in the morning

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Paul Shaffer, Sunny Mabrey, Juana Acosta, Mr. James Karen, Agnieszka Holland and Pamela Hayden

Happy Birthday guys. God bless.

S. Epatha Merkerson

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Louise Bourgoin

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Jane Sibbett

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Thérèse Desqueyroux

Réalisé par Claude Miller


Audrey Tautou, Gilles Lellouche, Anaïs Demoustier

Synopsis et détails

Dans les Landes, on arrange les mariages pour réunir les terrains et allier les familles. Thérèse Larroque devient Madame Desqueyroux ; mais cette jeune femme aux idées avant-gardistes ne respecte pas les conventions ancrées dans la région. Pour se libérer du destin qu’on lui impose, elle tentera tout pour vivre pleinement sa vie…

Randy Newman

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Karen Gillan

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Spain and France

Spain said it will back a Palestinian bid for enhanced UN status and new global recognition at a General Assembly vote this week.

"Spain will vote 'yes' tomorrow to the Palestinian request in line with our history and because we believe it is the most appropriate solution to move towards peace," Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo told parliament.

"We would have prefered as a government if we had not been obliged to arrive at a vote because that would have meant that peace negotiations had advanced," he said.

President Mahmud Abbas will submit the request seeking to upgrade their rank from an observer entity to that of a non-member observer state before the UN General Assembly.

If approved by the 193 member states, it will give the Palestinians access to a range of UN agencies and also potentially to the International Criminal Court.

The United States and Israel have opposed the UN application, insisting that only direct talks on a peace accord can produce an agreement that will create a Palestinian state.

Germany, Switzerland and Portugal also oppose the Palestinian upgrade.

France on Tuesday said it would support the Palestinian bid, the first major European power to voice its support.

Galapagos tortoises

Galapagos tortoises

Giant Galapagos tortoises are one of the world's most unlikely migratory species, scientists have learned.

Each June the large adults begin a long, slow hike up 400 metre-high volcanic slopes in search of food.

At the end of the dry season, they patiently lumber back to lower ground.

Scientists observed adult male tortoises, which weigh up to 250kg, undertake epic 10km trips to the highlands of Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos archipelago.

After laying their eggs, the adult females followed in the footsteps of the males.

The tortoises make the journeys to seek out vegetation which, during the dry season, is sparse in the lowlands.

Once the rains bring abundant vegetation back to low-lying areas, they clamber back down the slopes.

Researchers are still trying to discover why smaller, younger tortoises remain in the lowlands all year round.

"Either the energy expenditure of this strenuous hike is too high, or there is still enough food available for the smaller animals," said lead scientist Dr Stephen Blake, from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Radolfzell, Germany. "Perhaps the younger animals can't tolerate the wet cold climate of the higher regions."

In other species, the largest and most dominant individuals tend not to migrate because they are so good at defending themselves against competitors.

The reverse is true for the Galapagos giant tortoise, whose largest and most dominant members are the most likely to migrate.

The scientists, who reported their findings in the Journal of Animal Ecology, tracked 17 tortoises after attaching GPS sensors to their backs.

They plotted the animals' movements over a period of two years.

Future studies will look at giant tortoise species on other Galapagos islands with different ecological conditions.

Giant tortoise migration should be preserved by maintaining tortoise-friendly roads and controlling urban development, said the scientists.

They pointed out that, as a herbivore and seed disperser, the giant tortoise plays an important role in the Galapagos ecosystem.

Alfonso Cuarón

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Ryan Kwanten

Happy Birthday. God bless.

UK education

The UK education system is ranked sixth best in the developed world, according to a new global league table.

Finland and South Korea top the new league table, followed by Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore.

The global study, carried out by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) for education firm Pearson, used data from international tests, as well as data on school literacy and university graduation rates to draw up the index.

The UK was found to have the second best education system in Europe, ahead of countries such as Switzerland, Denmark and Germany which were ranked 9th, 12th and 15th respectively.

The research is designed to help policymakers, school leaders and academics identify the key factors which drive improved educational outcomes.

For educational attainment, based on literacy and graduation rates from schools and colleges, the UK is second only to South Korea, while Finland, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan were ranked highly in the cognitive ability category based on international tests in maths, reading and science.

While investing in education "undoubtedly reaps rewards", the report - called the Learning Curve - suggested that a culture of support for education is probably more important. It also added that there was no substitute for high quality teaching. "The best performing countries attract top talent, train teachers throughout their careers and allow them freedom too" the report stated.

Denis McCauley, executive editor, business research at the Economist Intelligence Unit said: "We hope our study serves as a catalyst for further collaborative efforts by academics, practitioners and policymakers to deepen our knowledge about what contributes to better education performance and outcomes."

Christine Blower, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers said: "This is great news for all those working in schools and colleges. The study by Pearson concludes that having a culture that is supportive of learning is vitally important to educational success."

Learning Curve top 20 countries for education

•South Korea
•Hong Kong
•New Zealand

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Jon Stewart

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Tophams Hotel, Belgravia

There are some things that are quintessentially British and deserve to be celebrated as such. These include: fish and chips, Joanna Lumley, the royal family and afternoon tea.

Tophams’ delicious afternoon tea includes all the foods you’d expect: a sumptuous selection of cakes, pastries, sandwiches and freshly baked scones served with glistening strawberry jam and Cornish clotted cream. To wash it all down, you’ll get a crisp glass of fizz and a wonderful selection of teas. We’re sure Ms. Lumley would approve.

Ed Harris

Happy Birthday. God bless.

James Cameron and Peter Jackson (AFP)

Oscar-winning director James Cameron on Wednesday predicted Peter Jackson's "The Hobbit" would do for high-definition film-making what his own hit "Avatar" did for 3D movies.

Jackson has filmed "The Hobbit" at a groundbreaking 48 frames a second rather than the standard 24, a move that drew mixed critical reactions when a preview was screened in Las Vegas in April.

But Cameron, a surprise guest at the premiere of the first instalment of "The Hobbit" in Wellington on Wednesday, said he faced similar scepticism pioneering modern 3D techniques on "Avatar", now the highest grossing film of all time.

He said Jackson's latest movie was destined to be a hit, making it easier for him (Cameron) to employ 48 frames a second which eliminated the "strobing" seen in standard films.

"If there is acceptance of 48, then that will pave the way for Avatar (sequels) to take advantage of it," Cameron told reporters.

"We charged out ahead on 3D with Avatar, now Peter's doing it with the Hobbit. It takes that kind of bold move to make change."

Jackson this week likened the higher shooting rate to the introduction of compact discs, saying it was the way of the future for film.

"I personally think it's fantastic, but it's different," he told Radio New Zealand.

"I remember when CDs came in and there was a nostalgic feeling that the sound of a needle on vinyl was what music should sound like -- suddenly you've got this pristine clarity and a lot of people were nay-saying it."

Cameron said Jackson was a singular film-maker who had turned the New Zealand film industry into a global force.

"He's elevated the industry to a global level, where people from all over the world -- artists, film-makers, special effects technicians and so on -- come here to work, that's unique," he said.

"It's really only happened a couple of times before, in Los Angeles and maybe London... it's the first time it's been done by a single film-maker."

Cameron, who owns a farm in New Zealand, said he was on the property working on scripts for sequels to "Avatar", complaining: "Unfortunately it's too damn distracting because it's so beautiful".

He said he hoped to have the scripts completed by February and begin filming by the end of next year.

"I want to get these scripts nailed down, I don't want to be writing the movie in post production," the director said.

"We kind of did that on the first picture, I ended up cutting out a lot of scenes and so on and I don't want to do that again."

Cameron, originally from Canada, said he was enjoying the relaxed lifestyle in New Zealand.

"We knew our immediate neighbours in a couple of mile radius a heck of a lot better in the first few weeks than we did in Los Angeles in 10 years," he said.

Mr. George Harrison

On November 29, 2002, one year after the passing of George Harrison, Olivia Harrison and longtime friend Eric Clapton organized a performance tribute in his honour. His closest friends gathered at London's Royal Albert Hall to celebrate his life the only way they knew how - by playing his music.

This year, on the 11th anniversary of George's passing, join us in paying tribute to the life and music of George Harrison.

Concert For George screening at The Museum of Liverpool

The Museum of Liverpool, in partnership with Material World Charitable Foundation, is hosting a charity screening of the Grammy award-winning Concert For George documentary film. This will be the first ever event inside the new theatre at the Museum which will open in early 2013.

Thursday, 29 November
7pm (Doors open at 6pm)
Tickets: £20 *
Museum of Liverpool - Media House Mann Island, Liverpool, Merseyside L3 1DG

*Tickets are available on a first-come first-served basis from the shop at the Museum of Liverpool from Noon on Monday, 12 November, or phone 0151 478 4083. Ticket holders will also receive an original souvenir Concert For George T-shirt on the night.

Special 24-Hour YouTube Stream on November 29
For those unable to attend in Liverpool, there will be a special 24-hour web stream of the Concert For George documentary film on the official George Harrison YouTube Channel on 29 November. More details to follow.

*Mr. George Harrison--We Salute You, RIP

'George Harrison: Living in the Material World'

'George Harrison: Living in the Material World' premieres online on December 8th in the US and Canada via Facebook!

Viewers will be able to watch the full documentary, comment with other fans, watch a special introduction from Olivia Harrison, and see answers to viewer questions from Olivia and the film's producers.

*We Salute You, RIP

Comme des frères

Réalisé par Hugo Gélin


François-Xavier Demaison, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Pierre Niney

Synopsis et détails

Depuis que Charlie n’est plus là, la vie de Boris, Elie et Maxime a volé en éclats. Ces trois hommes que tout sépare avaient pour Charlie un amour singulier. Elle était leur sœur, la femme de leur vie ou leur pote, c’était selon. Sauf que Charlie est morte et que ça, ni Boris, homme d’affaires accompli, ni Elie, scénariste noctambule et ni Maxime, 20 ans toujours dans les jupes de maman, ne savent comment y faire face. Mais parce qu’elle le leur avait demandé, ils décident sur un coup de tête de faire ce voyage ensemble, direction la Corse et cette maison que Charlie aimait tant. Seulement voilà, 900 kilomètres coincés dans une voiture quand on a pour seul point commun un attachement pour la même femme, c’est long… Boris, Elie et Maxime, trois hommes, trois générations, zéro affinité sur le papier, mais à l’arrivée, la certitude que Charlie a changé leur vie pour toujours.

Demi Moore (Bang Showbiz) BANG Media International

Demi Moore (Bang Showbiz)

Demi Moore is dating a new toyboy.

The 50-year-old actress - whose six-year marriage to 34-year-old actor Ashton Kutcher ended last November - is said to be romancing 26-year-old Vito Schnabel, the art dealer son of star painter Julian.

The pair first got together earlier this month at Naomi Campbell's 50th birthday party for her boyfriend Vladimir Doronin in Jodhpur, India, and sources say they couldn't keep their hands off each other.

One told the New York Post newspaper: ''They were dancing and grinding all over each other, openly, in front of other guests.''

Since the party, the couple have been ''quietly spending time together''.

Vito has previously dated 49-year-old model Elle Macpherson and 35-year-old actress Liv Tyler, while Demi has three grown-up daughters with first husband Bruce Willis.

Demi announced her marriage to 'Two and a Half Men' star Ashton was over last November although the pair are yet to finalise their divorce.

Ashton is now dating actress Mila Kunis while Demi has been working on her health after being admitted to rehab earlier this year, where she was allegedly treated for eating disorder issues, exhaustion and substance abuse.

*Take care of yourself Demi. God bless.

source:(C) BANG Media International/

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gregory Hoblit, Charlotte Brosnan, Samantha Harris, Rebecca Ferratti, Tadanobu Asano and Robin Givens

Happy Birthday guys. God bless.

Brooke Langton

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Michael Vartan

Happy Birthday. God bless.

William Fichtner

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Alison Pill

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Por El electroduende | Blog de TV

Twitter ardía el pasado 21 de noviembre por culpa de 'La Voz'. Su primera gala en directo dejó mucho que desear, a pesar de que liderara una vez más el prime time con un 32,6% de share y 4,9 millones de espectadores. Repasemos los fallos más llamativos.

1. Un sonido pésimo: #LaVozEnDirecto se convertía en Trending Topic por su desastroso sonido, propio de una gala de televisión local. Las canciones sonaban francamente mal y los concursantes se las veían y se las deseaban para no desafinar. Huelga decir que la mayoría de ellos no lo consiguieron y que actuaciones como las de Anabella o Paula Rojo son olvidables.

2. Fallos de cámara: En varias actuaciones los cámaras hicieron mal sus movimientos y, en vez de ver a los 'vocecitos' dándolo todo, comprobamos lo sucio que estaba el suelo del plató.

3. Tania Llasera no se entiende con las nuevas tecnologías: La dicharachera Tania Llasera, en el backstage, se esforzó en demostrar cómo funcionaban los gráficos que medían la popularidad de los aspirantes a la gloria. Pero no lo consiguió. El momento más embarazoso llegó cuando su ordenador se volvió loco: "Pues no me hace caso". Rápidamente la cortaron y devolvieron la conexión a Jesús Vázquez.

4. Las prisas no son buenas consejeras: Tania estaba más perdida que un mono en un garaje. Traicionada por los nervios, dijo fuera de plano: "Vaya, he tenido que escoger a Yanela [del equipo de David Bisbal], que es la que menos votos tenía [en Internet]"

5. Los coaches no se enteraban: David Bisbal, Malú, Melendi y Rosario estaban bastante desorientados al principio. Se intuía por sus caras de circunstancias y sus frases sin venir a cuento. "No pensé que tuviera que elegir tan pronto", dijo 'Melen' cuando tuvo que elegir entre Paula y Claritzel después de que el voto telefónico diese el espaldarazo a Maika.

6. ¿Dónde estaba Malú?: Aunque es una cantante espléndida y como coach nos ha dado muchos momentazos, Malú casi no habló. Las intervenciones de los coaches estaban muy desequilibradas y Rosario aprovechaba los silencios para 'chupar' cámara y hacer valoraciones a veces muy triviales.

El colmo llegó cuando Malú cantó 'Blanco y Negro' con Nuria, Héctor y Pau. El bando masculino se olvidó de la letra y las voces no empastaban bien. "Malú quítatelos de al lado y canta tú sola por favor" o "Blanco y Negro 2012-2012. DEP" fueron algunos de los comentarios más desternillantes al respecto.

7. El escenario no era tan grande: Jesús Vázquez y Tania Llasera anunciaron a bombo y platillo que tenían un "pedazo" de escenario. Nada más lejos de la realidad. Ni punto de comparación tienen con los fastuosos platós de OT, cortesía de Gestmusic.

8. Publicidad a mansalva: Laca, joyería, ordenadores... Cada dos por tres nos metían una 'promo'. Este desmedido afán publicitario hizo que la gala perdiera agilidad y frescura. "De regalo con el disco de La Voz, una bolsa de pan bimbo, un bote de laca Loreal y pastelitos de la pantera rosa", escribía una tuitera.

9. Jesús no paraba de improvisar: Nadie pone en duda que Jesús Vázquez sea un profesional como la copa de un pino. Eso sí, parecía que se había olvidado el guión en casa.

10. ¡Y se fue la luz!: El mayor despropósito vino al final. Cuando Tania charlaba con los "elegidos", se fue la luz. Solo la pantalla iluminaba a la rubia y a los 'vocecitos'.

¿Qué os pareció la gala de ayer? ¿Esperabais más? ¿Pasará factura a 'La Voz' este torrente de fallos?

Paulina Gretzky

Paulina Gretzky

Ms. Dinah Sheridan We Salute You

British actress Dinah Sheridan passed away on Sunday at the age of 92, according to her agent. Sheridan appeared in many classic British films, like The Railway Children and Genevieve.

Sheridan passed away peacefully surrounded by her children at her home in Northwood, Middlesex, reports the BBC.

The was known for playing the mother in The Railway Children and also had roles in the BBC sitcoms Don’t Wait Up and All Night Long, as well as acting in The Mirror Crack’d.

Sheridan was born Dinah Mec in 1920 to a German mother and Russian father. She picked the name Sheridan from a phone book when deciding her stage name.

She gave her reason for the name change as the way her last name was pronounced, “mess.” She explained she didn’t want newspaper critics to have any ammunition against her.

Dinah Sheridan landed her first film role when she was just 15. She put her acting career on hold during World War II, helping out by driving ambulances. She married actor Jimmy Hanley in 1942 and the couple had three children together.

The Daily Mail notes that Dinah’s son, Jeremy, became the Conservative Party chairman in the 1990s, while his sister Jenny was an actress and presenter. She hosted the iTV children’s show Magpie. Another daughter, who was born in 1944, lived for three days.

The couple appeared in movies together, but their marriage came to an end in 1949. Her son Jeremy once said of her role in The Railway Children:

“She practically played herself as the mother in that film, except in real life she has been much more smiling, even though she hasn’t had much to smile about at times.”

She was married four times in all, with her third and fourth husbands passing away before her. Sheridan once said, “I’ve had a very strange life. Whenever I’ve married, I’ve married for life. But things have gone desperately wrong.”

Dinah Sheridan’s films The Railway Children and Genevieve were named on a list of the top 100 British films of all time in 1999. They were voted on by a panel of over 1,000 actors, producers, writers, and directors.


Mariló Montero

Mariló Montero Por Yahoo! TV | Blog de TV

Era un secreto a voces que, según '', ya es un hecho. Según han desvelado TVE ha decidido no renovar a la periodista que el próximo mes de enero ya no presentará el espacio.

De hecho, parece que Montero ya tiene sustituta en la cadena pública, se trata de Marta Robles, que actualmente lleva para Telemadrid el magacín 'Ahora, Marta', abandonando así la autonómica en la que lleva trabajando desde 2004.

Mariló Montero, que siempre ha sido un personaje televisivo de lo más controvertido gracias a su fuerte carácter, ha protagonizado los últimos meses algunas de las polémicas más sonadas de la pequeña pantalla. Su desafortunado editorial referido a la donación de órganos y especialmente su rifirrafe con otro de los grandes rostros de nuestra televisión, Anne Igartiburu, se convirtieron instantáneamente en dos de los momentazos del año.

Es por ello que ha llamado especialmente la atención el comentaro de la propia Anne, quien ha manifestado su entusiasmo con el fichaje de Robles: "¡Qué bien que venga una amiga a las mañanas!". La presentadora vasca, quien también estaba en la cuerda floja por los discretos datos de audiencia de su programa '+Gente', sí ha sido reprobada por TVE y por tanto mantendrá su puesto en la cadena.

Kathryn Bigelow

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Ximena Navarrete

source:FOTO: Cortesía de la marca/

Ximena Navarrete

source:Cortesía de la marca/

Ximena Navarrete

source:Cortesía de la marca/


aceite de oliva

Estiramos la masa, extendemos el tomate, echamos un chorrito generoso de aceite de oliva, picamos el ajo y lo repartimos por toda la pizza, echamos el orégano y por último ponemos las hojas de albahaca y al horno.

Nota: La albahaca podemos ponerla después de hornear la pizza., así la evitaremos que se queme.

Faith Hill - A Baby Changes Everything

Faith Hill - A Baby Changes Everything

Teenage girl, much too young
Unprepared for what's to come
A baby changes everything

Not a ring on her hand
All her dreams and all her plans
A baby changes everything
A baby changes everything

The man she loves she's never touched
How will she keep his trust?
A baby changes everything
A baby changes everything

And she cries!
Ooh, she cries
Ooh, ooh

She has to leave, go far away
Heaven knows she can't stay
A baby changes everything

She can feel it's coming soon
There's no place, there's no room
A baby changes everything
A baby changes everything

And she cries!
And she cries!
Oh, she cries

Shepherds all gather 'round
Up above the star shines down
A baby changes everything

Choir of angels sing
Glory to the newborn King
A baby changes everything
A baby changes everything
Everything, everything, everything


My whole life has turned around
I was lost but now I'm found
A baby changes everything
A baby changes everything

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mr. Rich Little

Happy Birthday Mr. Little. God bless.

Natasha Bedingfield

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Tamsin Egerton

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Kristin Bauer van Straten

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Ms. Tina Turner

Happy Birthday Ms. Turner. God bless.

Peter Facinelli

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Vincent Cassel

Belated Happy Birthday. God bless.

Oded Fehr

Belated Happy Birthday. God bless.

Kelly Brook

Belated Happy Birthday. God bless.

Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Belated Happy Birthday. God bless.

Mr. Robert Towne, Joe Eszterhas, Amia Moretti, Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi and Maxwell Caulfield

Belated Happy Birthday guys. God bless.

Isild Le Besco

Isild Le Besco

Textilfabrik in Bangladesch (AFP )

In einer Textilfirma in Bangladeschs Hauptstadt Dhaka ist erneut ein Brand ausgebrochen - nur wenige Stunden nach einem Großbrand in einer anderen Textilfabrik mit mindestens 110 Toten. Feuerwehrleute konnten den Brand nach Polizeiangaben noch am Morgen unter Kontrolle bringen. Das Feuer brach demnach im dritten Stockwerk eines zwölfstöckigen Gebäudes aus, in dem vier Textilfirmen untergebracht sind. Nach Behördenangaben gab es offenbar weder Tote noch Verletzte. Alle Arbeiter hätten sich ersten Erkenntnissen zufolge in Sicherheit bringen können.
Tausende Beschäftigte der Textilindustrie beteiligten sich an Kundgebungen, bei denen sie bessere Sicherheitsbedingungen forderten. Am Samstagabend hatte es bei einem Brand in einer Textilfabrik am Rande Dhakas nach jüngsten Angaben 110 Tote gegeben. Hunderte Arbeiter wurden demnach in den oberen Etagen eines neunstöckigen Fabrikgebäudes eingeschlossen. Einige Opfer zogen sich tödliche Verletzungen zu, als sie in Panik aus den Fenstern sprangen.

Ludovico Einaudi

Belated Happy Birthday. God bless.

Miranda Kerr

source:Bild: Splash/

Miranda Kerr Von Lux Lesotho | Fashion Police

Nach der Aufregung um die alljährliche "Victoria's Secret"-Show hat Miranda Kerr offensichtlich die Nase voll von glamourösen Outfits. Für das Dessous-Model sind jetzt erst mal Casual-Looks angesagt — was aber noch lange nicht heißt, dass die 29-Jährige ihr Fashionista-Fingerspitzengefühl verloren hat!

Denn das relaxte Country Girl-Outfit, in dem Miranda Kerr gestern New York unsicher machte, war so down-to-earth wie stylish. In Denim-Jacke, weißem Hemd und kurzem schwarzem Rock zeigte sich Miranda von der handfesten Seite und bewies ganz nebenbei, dass ihre Beine auch in Ankle-Boots mit verhältnismäßig flachen Absätzen immer noch zum Dahinschmelzen lang wirken.

Der wahre Hingucker an Mirandas Outfit aber war der lässige Fedora. Hut ab, liebe Miranda — so sexy hatten wir die "Indiana Jones"-Optik gar nicht in Erinnerung! Bei so viel Stilsicherheit wundert es uns nicht wirklich, dass sich das Modelabel "Mango" die schöne Australierin als Werbegesicht geangelt hat. Ab Frühjahr 2013 wird Miranda Kerr in die Fußstapfen von Kate Moss treten und als "Miss Mango" die Plakatwände dieser Welt verschönern. Wir freuen uns drauf!

Robin Roberts

Belated Happy Birthday. God bless.

PS:Get well soon.


RELIGIOUS hate crime reported in Scotland has jumped by more than a quarter, prompting fresh calls for mandatory “rehab” for offenders to be introduced.

Most areas of Scotland have seen a rise in criminal charges which were religiously aggravated in 2011-12, official figures have shown. The total number of charges rose to 876, up 26 per cent from 693 the previous year. Glasgow saw a fall, but it still accounts for 40 per cent of all charges.

The SNP government introduced new laws at the start of March, aimed at cracking down on sectarian songs and online religious hate. The new figures published on Friday cover the financial year which ended on 31 March 2012, and the study says the new legislation may explain “a reduction in the number of religious aggravation charges for the month of March 2012”.

Catholics were the targeted in more than half of cases (58 per cent), while Protestants were the subject of abuse in 40 per cent of instances.

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia, president of the Bishops Conference of Scotland, said the problem is “not so much sectarianism but anti-Catholicism”.

He said: “I am saddened by the latest figures on religiously 
aggravated offending.

“While most Catholics are safe most of the time, these figures show a side of Scotland which is truly unfortunate. Sadly, it seems incontrovertible now that our problem is not so much sectarianism but anti-Catholicism.”

There were 19 attacks on Islam in 2011-12, up from 15 the previous year, and 14 on Judaism, down from 16.

The charges related to football rose from 231 to 267, although the problem inside stadiums was down slightly. Other incidents took place on public transport, on the streets and in residential areas. Anti-sectarianism charity Nil By Mouth has now renewed its call for a nationwide rehabilitation scheme for anyone convicted of sectarian offences.

Campaign director Dave Scott said: “These figures are striking both for the nearly 30 per cent rise in the number of offences and the fact that we have seen 
arrests in all 32 of Scotland’s local authority areas.

“There have now been over 6,000 arrests for sectarian offences since 2003 and on average only a third of these are football related. This problem goes far beyond football and Facebook, and it’s worrying that nearly two-thirds of those arrested were under the age of 30.” 
The Scottish Government says it is investing £9 million over the next three years to help organisations take forward wider work to tackle sectarianism. A new independent expert group will help advise on current and future policies to tackle sectarianism in Scotland.

Community safety minister Roseanna Cunningham said: “It is completely unacceptable for people to think that offensive religious or sectarian language, or verbal or physical attacks based purely on religious prejudice, have any place in 21st century Scotland.

“While it is concerning that the number of cases has risen, I hope that the increase does indicate people feel more confident about reporting the ­perpetrators.”

She added: “These figures show that as well as tough 
enforcement, we need to tackle the root causes of religious prejudice that sadly is all too prevalent in parts of Scottish society.”


ONLY FOUR major Hogmanay parties are being held at the Bells this year in Scotland.

Edinburgh, Inverness, Stonehaven and Stirling are the only locations laying on large-scale parties for revellers over the midnight hour.

It is a far cry from a decade ago, when most towns and cities staged outdoor celebrations.

Experts said rising health and safety costs, shrinking council budgets and the “hassle factor” involved in staging big outdoor events had triggered the decline.

Glasgow, Aberdeen, Oban, Dundee, Fort William and Loch Ness are among the locations that have shunned high-profile celebrations this year.

Despite this, tourism agency VisitScotland says Hogmanay in Scotland still offers “something special.”

Its website is promoting Hogmanay events such as a Bee Gees tribute act in Nairn, a performance of the play The Steamie in Hamilton and a comedy night in Edinburgh.

The official guide to Scotland’s Winter Festivals, run by the Scottish Government, includes family events in Glasgow and East Lothian that will be over well before the Bells.

The Proclaimers will headline Stirling’s Hogmanay party at the castle, while Big Country and the Treacherous Orchestra are lined up for Inverness’s outdoor bash at the Northern Meeting Park.

An open-air party is being held in Stonehaven, to complement its famous fireball-throwing festivities, with the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and Blazin’ Fiddles lined up to appear.

Edinburgh’s street party, which had a capacity of 180,000 for the millennium, could be down to as few as 75,000 this year. Tramworks have led to the scrapping of live music stages in Princes Street, although Simple Minds, The View and Admiral Fallow will be among the headliners at the celebrations.

Peter Irvine, artistic director of Edinburgh’s festivities, and author of travel guide Scotland the Best, said: “I think the big issue is that other parts of the country simply struggle to compete with what is on in Edinburgh.

“The events elsewhere are mainly for a local audience, and you cannot justify spending huge amounts of money on them because they do not bring the same kind of economic return the programme in Edinburgh does, with last year being in the region of £30 million.

“The crucial thing is that we have an event where two-thirds of the audience are international, and that is a much higher proportion than any of the other festivals in Edinburgh.”

Stephen Leckie, chair of the Scottish Tourism Alliance, and chief executive of Crieff Hydro in Perthshire, said: “The big issue really is the huge hassle factor for many areas trying to organise a large-scale Hogmanay party.

“You really need a huge number of volunteers to help organise something like that and it’s just too difficult to persuade people to get involved.”

East Lothian Council said its new celebration in Musselburgh, including family events throughout the day and a fireworks display, will be over by 8pm.

Aberdeen City Council confirmed only a fireworks display would be held in the city centre at midnight.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow Life, the city’s arts and culture trust, sajd a decision has been taken last year to revamp its Hogmanay celebrations in light of customer feedback and to deliver value for money for the public.

She added: “The 2011 daytime Hogmanay celebrations was a great success attracting more than 10,000 people to George Square. This compared with just 4,500 people who attended the last ‘midnight celebration’ in George Square in 2010.

“Glasgow enjoys an international reputation for the quality and range of restaurants, bars and clubs in the city so it is important to utilise these and give Glasgwegians and visitors to the city one of the best nights out in Europe.”

Mike Cantlay, chairman of VisitScotland, said: “Hogmanay in Scotland is something special.

As part of this, EventScotland, the events directorate of VisitScotland, is supporting events through the winter festivals programme.

“From massive street celebrations in Edinburgh to the traditional events in Stonehaven - there really is something for everyone.

“Whether people come here from across the globe or are enjoying the events in their local town, these celebrations offer a tremendous boost for Scotland’s tourism industry.”

A spokeswoman for the government’s winter festivals campaign, said: “The overarching aim of the programme is to develop a vibrant and distinctive co-ordinated events programme to maximise the opportunity presented by the unique combination of our three national days - St Andrew’s Day, Hogmanay and Burns Night.

“The programme brings together people from all over the world to celebrate Scotland’s modern culture and traditions through the best of Scottish music, arts, food and drink, and entertainment.”


Comments:Not suitable for kids

Fantomas - Chariot Choogle

Comments:Not suitable for kids


Yeah yeah yeah

You are groove
You're like the planets when you move
I See the winter 'coming In a two finned caddy
Gonna walk upon the waters
Go ooo yeah

Girl you gotta cook
You got the chariot by the hook
I'm riding in the rain
Got my blue suede shoes
Gonna give up all my pain
And go ooo yeah

Baby you know who you are
Baby you know who you are
Don't you know who you are

Standing on your porch
You wear your pleasure like a torch
Hiding in the road
Like a Pasolini toad
Gonna give up all my load
And go ooo yeah

Girl you are groove
You're like the planets when you move
I See the winter 'coming In a two finned caddy
Gonna walk upon the waters
Go ooo yeah

Baby you know who you are
Baby you know who you are
Don't you know who you are

Baby you know who you are
Baby you know who you are
Don't you know who you are

Baby you know who you are
Baby you know who you are
Don't you know who you are

Dave Brubeck Quartet - Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town

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Stefanie von Pfetten

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Amy Grant

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Katie Cassidy

Happy Birthday. God bless.

John Larroquette

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Par Alexandra TURCAT et Hervé GAVARD | AFP

..Le gouvernement va mettre en place "dans un souci d'apaisement" une "commission du dialogue", après les vifs affrontements qui ont fait au moins sept blessés samedi à Notre-Dame-des-Landes et à Nantes, entre forces de l'ordre et manifestants anti-aéroport qui ont conspué Premier ministre et ministre de l'Intérieur.

Mais l'Acipa, principale organisation d'opposants au projet, a prévenu qu'elle n'entamerait pas de dialogue avec le gouvernement avant le "retrait total des forces de police".

"Nous voulons le retrait total des forces de police du secteur de Notre-Dame-des-Landes, c'est la première condition pour qu'on puisse réfléchir à un dialogue avec le gouvernement", a déclaré le porte-parole de l'association, Julien Duranda.

Le gouvernement va confier la semaine prochaine, "dans un souci d'apaisement", à une "commission du dialogue le soin d'exposer" le projet contesté d'aéroport et d'"entendre toutes les parties prenantes", a annoncé Matignon.

Le niveau de violence est monté d'un cran samedi. Outre les opposants blessés, un CRS a perdu connaissance après avoir été touché par un pavé devant la préfecture à Nantes, selon le ministère l'Intérieur. Sur le site de Notre-Dame-des-Landes, deux gendarmes et quatre opposants ont été blessés, tous légèrement, a indiqué la préfecture.

Sur le terrain, les forces de l'ordre ont procédé à neuf interpellations sur le site de l'aéroport. Sept personnes ont été relâchées et deux placées en garde à vue pour port d'arme, a-t-on précisé de même source.

Ces affrontements sont intervenus au deuxième jour d'une vaste opération d'expulsion lancée vendredi sur le site prévu pour accueillir le nouvel équipement.

Dans la soirée, Matignon a annoncé la création d'une commission du dialogue, ajoutant toutefois que "le Premier ministre réitère l'engagement du gouvernement à contribuer au développement économique et social du Grand Ouest, dont le projet de transfert de l'aéroport de Nantes à Notre-Dame-des-Landes est une composante".

Plus tôt dans la journée, on avait appris que les premiers travaux de défrichement du site de Notre-Dame-Des Landes, initialement prévus en janvier 2013, devraient être repoussés d'environ 6 mois, trois ministres (Agriculture, Ecologie, Transports) ayant décidé de renforcer les procédures en faveur de l'environnement.

Ces trois ministres ont réaffirmé samedi "la nécessité" de construire l'aéroport. Dans un communiqué commun, les trois ministres, Delphine Batho, Frédéric Cuvillier et Stéphane Le Foll, ont également confirmé l'"engagement" du gouvernement en faveur du respect des procédures et leur volonté de "conforter les initiatives en faveur du respect de la biodiversité et de la préservation des terres agricoles".

"Aucune intervention de défrichement" ne sera réalisée "avant validation" par un comité scientifique chargé d'assurer la protection de la biodiversité et des zones humides dans le cadre de la loi sur l'eau, ont précisé les ministres. Initialement, les travaux de défrichement étaient prévus pour débuter en janvier 2013. Cet engagement a été salué comme "un premier signe d'ouverture" par Pascal Durand, le secrétaire national d'EELV et "un "signe d'apaisement" par le sénateur vert de Loire-Atlantique Ronan Dantec.

Epreuve de force

Sur le terrain, tant à Notre-Dame-des-Landes qu'à Nantes, les manifestants ont crié leur déception face aux choix du gouvernement. Ils ont conspué le Premier ministre Jean-Marc Ayrault, maire de Nantes jusqu'à sa nomination à la tête du gouvernement et fervent promoteur à ce titre de ce nouvel aéroport, ainsi que le ministre de l'Intérieur, Manuel Valls, qui avait évoqué un "kyste" vendredi à propos de l'opposition sur le site prévu pour l'aéroport.

Les cris de "Ayrault, salaud, Valls, facho", ou encore "Ayrault, démission", ont retenti à Nantes tandis qu'à Notre-Dame-des-Landes, des opposants non-violents exprimaient leur indignation face au terme de "kyste" employé par Manuel Valls et ressenti comme une insulte.

Dans les deux lieux, les manifestants, souvent des électeurs de gauche, exprimaient leur déception, "immense" pour certains, face à l'épreuve de force engagée par le gouvernement pour imposer ce projet d'aéroport. A Notre-Dame-des-Landes, le nom du Premier ministre est désormais prononcé avec haine, tandis qu'à Nantes, des manifestants se déclaraient "scandalisés par l'attitude du PS" ou par celle des forces de l'ordre sur le site prévu pour l'aéroport.

Les affrontements souvent violents entre forces de l'ordre et opposants se sont poursuivis toute la journée à Notre-Dame-des-Landes, avec notamment l'usage par les manifestants de cocktails Molotov, de fusées de détresse en tirs tendus et de pieds de clôtures en acier.

Mais le préfet de Loire-Atlantique a affirmé que l'objectif des autorités avait été atteint et que ce qui pouvait être détruit l'avait été comme prévu, samedi.

A Nantes, entre 3.200 personnes, selon la police, et 8.000, selon les organisateurs, ont manifesté.

Après un moment de grande tension devant la préfecture où des échauffourées se sont produites en fin d'après-midi avec les CRS, les manifestants ont quitté sans incident les abords de la préfecture aux environs de 19H00, se retrouvant au coeur du marché de Noël, criant "Ayrault entends-tu ? Le peuple est dans la rue". Des petits groupes ont continué toutefois de défiler dans le centre.

En fin de journée, le ministre de l'Intérieur Manuel Valls a condamné les violences contre gendarmes et policiers tant à Notre-Dame-des-Landes et devant la préfecture de Nantes, rendant hommage au "sang-froid" des forces de l'ordre.

L'aéroport de Notre-Dame-des-Landes doit normalement remplacer en 2017 l'actuel aéroport Nantes Atlantique.

Kate Moss (Not suitable for kids)

Comments:Not suitable for kids

Margaret Made

Margaret Made and Francesco Scianna

source:Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images /

Christina Applegate

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Par Patrick Saint-Paul

Les Allemands voient notre «Grande Nation» comme un pays d'incorrigibles cigales. Cela ne les empêche pas d'envier le savoir-vivre français. Si bien que pour veiller sur l'éducation de leurs enfants, ils ne jureraient que par les «mamies au pair» françaises.

Afin de satisfaire à cette demande, une agence de Hambourg, Granny aupair, vient de lancer un appel à candidatures sur son site pour attirer outre-Rhin des nounous françaises. «Elles sont très recherchées, nous croulons sous les demandes, affirme sa fondatrice, Michaela Hansen. Paris est la plus belle capitale du monde et le français la plus belle langue, l'esprit et l'élégance, le charme et la beauté, haute cuisine et haute couture: parfois nous sommes jaloux de nos voisins. En Allemagne nous aimerions bien ressentir un peu de ce savoir-vivre inatteignable. Nos grannies sont plus que de simples éducatrices. Elles apportent leur expérience, leur raffinement et leur langue dans un foyer.»

L'agence de Hambourg a déjà eu l'idée d'envoyer des retraitées allemandes plutôt que de jeunes étudiantes dans des familles à l'étranger pour des séjours de trois à six mois. Ses recrues ont entre 50 et 70 ans, maîtrisent l'anglais. Elles ont derrière elles une carrière professionnelle et l'éducation de leurs propres enfants. Mais leurs rêves d'ailleurs sont restés inassouvis.

Désormais, Frau Hansen veut importer les grands-mères françaises. «Je me demande si elles ont les mêmes envies de nouvelles aventures que les Allemandes», s'inquiète-t-elle. Elle ne perçoit pas les différences culturelles, et notamment l'éducation à la française - plus rigide et autoritaire qu'outre-Rhin - comme un obstacle. Mais elle se demande avec inquiétude si les mamies françaises disponibles maîtrisent les rudiments nécessaires de la langue de Goethe!

Dennis the Menace (Parental Guidance)

Dennis the Menace (Parental Guidance)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Miley Cyrus

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Mr. Franco Nero

Happy Birthday Mr. Nero. God bless.

American Jews

American Jews long have felt an affinity for Israel as a bulwark against anti-Semitism and a refuge for a people escaping persecution and surviving the Holocaust. Since its 1948 founding, Israel has fought wars with its Arab neighbors and the Palestinians.

Conflict after conflict, U.S. Jewish groups and Jewish citizens have wielded grass-roots political clout to garner American support for Israel. The bonds are underscored by their size. The world’s largest Jewish community is in Israel at nearly 6 million people, according to estimates. The U.S. Jewish community is the second most populous at an estimated 5 million plus.
After Israel kicked off its offensive last week to stop Hamas rockets on Israeli communities, Starr and others in the U.S. Jewish community sent an SOS across the United States: Help Israelis. Send donations. Demonstrate for the Jewish state. Let our brothers and sisters in Israel know they’re not alone.

Jewish groups staged rallies in cities across the United States, including Chicago, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. More than $5 million in pledges to help the battered southern Israel communities have poured in. Jewish leaders have traveled to Israel to show their support.

Emir Kusturica

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Lola Glaudini

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Elena Satine

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Mr. Billy Connolly, Sarah Hyland, Colin Hanks, Garret Dillahunt, Amanda Wyss, Denise Crosby, Meredith Patterson, Lisa Maxwell, Mirjana Jokovic, Karine Vanasse and Meredith Henderson

Happy Birthday guys. God bless.

Catalan leader by Ingrid Bazinet | AFP

The leader of Spain's Catalonia region has rallied cheering crowds to fight for "freedom" in snap elections Sunday that he has recast as a vote for nationhood.

Artur Mas, president of the northeastern region, is openly defying a furious Madrid by promising a referendum on sovereignty for Catalonia if Sunday's vote gives him a mandate.

"We are not vassals of the state," he told thousands of people chanting "independence" in a Barcelona stadium, wrapping up a bitterly fought campaign before a day of pre-vote reflection Saturday.

Mas urged supporters to be "builders of freedom".

"Catalonia is one of the oldest nations of Europe and all through history we have had to fight against very high obstacles, very strong setbacks," Mas said, slipping into English to reach a foreign audience.

"We have fought against armies, we have fought against dictatorships, we have overcome setbacks and now we are alive, our culture is alive, our language is alive, our nation is alive."

Catalonia is fiercely proud of its language and culture, which were suppressed by General Francisco Franco until the dictator's death in 1975 but returned to life under Spanish democracy.

The region has been welded to Spain since the nation's symbolic birth when Queen Isabella of Castile and King Ferdinand of Aragon, which included Catalonia, married in 1469.

In a forest of banners, Catalan and European flags at the stadium where Mas brought his campaign to a close, some placards called for Mas as president of a new Catalan nation.

"I'm for independence," said one supporter, 20-year-old student Anna Roses. "Artur Mas does not say the word because Madrid is putting on the pressure, but it's the only solution," she added.

As Spain struggles in a recession with one in four workers unemployed, many Catalans are straining against Madrid, which they blame for spending cuts and their troubled finances.

Mas accuses Madrid of raising far more in Catalan taxes than it returns and estimates the gap, or fiscal deficit, at 16 billion euros ($21 billion) a year, a figure Madrid disputes.

Emboldened by huge protests in Barcelona demanding independence on Catalonia's national day, September 11, Mas demanded greater taxing powers from Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy.

When he did not get the concessions he was seeking, he called the snap election.

Rajoy's right-leaning government is determined to thwart any referendum, however, saying it flies in the face of common sense and vowing to wield the Spanish constitution if necessary.

Latest polls show Mas's nationalist alliance, the conservative Convergence and Union, heading for a win in Sunday's vote but falling short of the absolute majority he is seeking.

Surveys a week before the vote showed Mas's party taking 60 to 64 of the 135 seats in parliament, not far from the 62 it now holds, with Rajoy's Popular Party and the opposition Socialists fighting for second place.

Nevertheless, pro-referendum parties are widely expected to enjoy a large majority in the new parliament.

Catalonia accounts for more than one-fifth of Spain's total economic output, a quarter of its exports, as well as boasting one of the world's greatest football teams, FC Barcelona.

But the region also has a 44-billion-euro debt, equal to one-fifth of its output, and was forced to go cap in hand to Madrid this year for more than five billion euros to help make the payments.

On the eve of the vote, some Spanish newspapers decried the dirty nature of the campaign.

Mas flatly denied as "libel and slander" allegations published in conservative daily El Mundo from a supposed draft police report saying he had a Swiss bank account beyond the reach of the taxman.

El Pais condemned Rajoy's government for leaving the allegations in ambiguity in the public's mind by failing to clearly deny or clarify the nature of the accusations.

"You can't throw the stone and then hide your hand," the paper said in an editorial headlined "Playing dirty".

The director of Barcelona-based daily La Vanguardia, Jose Antich, said only the results on Sunday would demonstrate the impact of the allegations.

"But the country emerges from this as the loser. Of that I have not the least doubt," he said.

Mas's party has sued for libel over the paper's accusation.

Katherine Heigl

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Catherine Deneuve

Comments:Not suitable for kids

Olivia Wilde

Actress Olivia Wilde attends The Cinema Society with DKNY, Forevermark & after party for the premiere of "Butter" at The Double Seven on September 27, 2012 in New York City. Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Olivia Wilde by Zach Johnson

Before she became an A-list actress, Olivia Wilde had a tough time learning the tricks of the trade.

The 28-year-old opened up about her days as a "terrible assistant" for "the world's greatest" and "most powerful" casting director," Mali Finn, during Marie Claire's "The Power of Presence event in New York City Nov. 14.

"I had just come from school, and I was a little feminist and she was, too. I remember an actress coming in wearing a too-short dress. And after she left, Mali said, 'Why was she wearing that dress? She's a joke, I'm not meeting with her ever again,'" Wilde said (via Buzzfeed). "And this girl was never heard from again."

The Butter star continued, "A few days later, I was going for an audition and I was wearing this huge cashmere turtleneck and pants, thinking I looked very 'executive.' As I was walking out of the office, Mali said, 'Olivia, what are you wearing? I said I was going to a meeting, and she said, 'Oh! You can't wear that! You have to wear something tight and sexy.'"

Wilde said she felt "so confused" by her boss' contradictory advice. "I had just learned this lesson of this actress who wore the short skirt and now her career is over. So she said, 'You're going to meet a male executive. You have to learn this game, you have to learn when to use sexuality and beauty and appearance in general, and when it's inappropriate.'"

According to Wilde -- who is currently dating Saturday Night Live's Jason Sudeikis -- the experience was her "first kind of dunk into the world of Hollywood. It gives you this idea of the contradiction that exists, really in all fields."

Actress Deborah Raffin We Salute You

by Tim Kenneally

Actress Deborah Raffin, who went on to found a profitable audio-book company, died Wednesday after a battle with leukemia, the Los Angeles Times reports. She was 59.

Raffin's brother William told the Times that she had been diagnosed with the disease approximately a year ago. She died at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.

The Los Angeles native landed early parts in the 1973 film "40 Carats" and in 1975's "Once Is Not Enough," adapted from the steamy Jacqueline Susann novel. In the 1980s, she became something of a TV-movie staple appearing in such fare as "Mind Over Murder," "Willa" and "For the Love of It."

She also starred in a short-lived TV series based on the Goldie Hawn/Chevy Chase film "Foul Play," assuming Hawn's role of Gloria Mundy.

Raffin and her husband, producer Michael Viner, launched the audio-book company Dove Books-on-Tape in the mid-'80s, publishing a profitable mix of titles that included Sidney Sheldon's "The Naked Face" and Stephen Hawking's "A Brief History of Time."

Viner and Raffin, who had one child together, divorced in 2005. Viner died in 2009.

In later years, Raffin had a recurring role on the WB drama "7th Heaven" and appeared in three episodes of ABC Family's "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."


Mr. Larry Hagman We Salute You

(CNN) -- Actor Larry Hagman, who created one of television's iconic villains with the treacherous J.R. Ewing of "Dallas," died Friday, according to a family statement. He was 81.

Hagman died at a Dallas hospital of complications from cancer, said the statement posted on Hagman's official web site early Saturday.

"Larry was back in his beloved Dallas, re-enacting the iconic role he loved most," it said.

"Larry's family and close friends had joined him in Dallas for the Thanksgiving holiday. When he passed, he was surrounded by loved ones. It was a peaceful passing, just as he had wished for. The family requests privacy at this time."

Hagman shot to television superstardom in 1978 with the role of J.R. Ewing, the scheming Texas oil tycoon, in the prime-time soap opera "Dallas." He was the villain viewers loved to hate.

In 1980, the show became a mega-hit with the "Who Shot J.R.?" plot line that left Americans guessing who pulled the trigger.

The answer came on November 21, 1980, in an episode dubbed "Who Done It?." More than 350 million viewers tuned in around the world to find out Kristen Shepherd, the sister of J.R.'s wife, shot him. It remains one of the most watched television episodes in history.

Ewing survived that shooting, and Hagman and the rest of the cast thrived for 14 seasons total before bowing out in 1991.

He reprised the role for TNT's reboot of the series "Dallas" in June 2012. Hagman filmed appearances for the show's second season, which is set to air in January. (Like CNN, TNT is a division of Time Warner and Turner Broadcasting.)

It was a role he clearly reveled, even developing a trademark laugh for the character. At one point, Hagman made up fake $100 bills emblazoned with his face and the words "In Hagman We Trust" to hand out to fans.

In one of his final interviews on CNN, Hagman appeared alongside original "Dallas" cast members Linda Gray (Sue Ellen) and Patrick Duffy (Bobby) on "Piers Morgan Tonight."

During the interview, Morgan described the character of J.R. Ewing as "the dark dealer of evil scheming."

"Moi?" Hagman said, breaking into a wide smile.

In a statement released Friday by Gray's publicist to KNBC-TV in Los Angeles, the actress described Hagman as "my best friend for more than 35 years."

"He was the pied piper of life and brought joy to everyone he knew. He was creative, generous, funny, loving and talented and I will miss him enormously. He was an original and lived life to the full and the world was a brighter place because of him," the statement said.

Hagman told Morgan when he was first approached about doing the "Dallas" remake, the first question he asked: "Are my friends going to be on the show?"

"I wouldn't be doing it without them," he said.

Word of Hagman's passing spread quickly late Friday and early Saturday, with everybody from celebrities to fans mourning his death.

Actor William Shatner took to Twitter: "My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Larry Hagman. My best, Bill."

"He was a wonderful human being and an extremely gifted actor. We will be forever thankful that a whole new generation of people got to know and appreciate Larry through his performance as J.R. Ewing," TNT said in a statement. "Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this very difficult time."

Hagman was born in Fort Worth, Texas, on the cusp of the Great Depression to actress Mary Martin and Ben Hagman, a lawyer.

He spent a year at Bard College in New York and then embarked on a life in theater in Dallas and New York, according to his official website.

He appeared onstage with his mother in "South Pacific" in England and even produced and directed several shows while in the U.S. Air Force. After getting married and leaving the service, Hagman returned to the United States and starred in a number of Broadway plays.

His family then headed to Hollywood, where Hagman earned roles in such television shows as "The Edge of Night" and "The Defenders."

Hagman's breakthrough role came in 1965, when he played astronaut Maj. Tony Nelson, or "Master," as he was known to the scantily clad, 2,000-year-old genie played by Barbara Eden in the hit comedy, "I Dream of Jeannie."

"I can still remember, that first day on Zuma Beach with him, in the frigid cold. From that day for five more years, Larry was the center of so many fun, wild, shocking and, in retrospect, memorable moments that will remain in my heart forever," Eden said in a Facebook post on Friday, shortly after hearing of Hagman's death.

"...I, like many others, believed he had beat cancer and yet we are reminded that life is never guaranteed."

Eden signed off, simply: "Goodbye Larry. There was no one like you before and there will never be anyone like you again."

Hagman kept busy after the show went off the air in 1970, appearing in guest roles in "The Streets of San Francisco," "The Rockford Files" and "Barnaby Jones." In the 1990s, he starred in the television show "Orleans."

Off screen, his drinking earned him unwanted attention from the tabloids, which chronicled his battle with alcoholism.

In recent years, he went public with his wife's battle with Alzheimer's.

He also suffered several health scares, including a bout with cirrhosis and a 16-hour liver transplant in 1995 that helped save his life.

Last year, he revealed that he had been diagnosed with cancer, but at the time, Hagman called it "a very common and treatable form."

He is survived by his wife, a son, a daughter and five grandchildren.


source:AnneClaire Stapleton contributed to this report/

Sir Paul McCartney --The Christmas Song

Sir Paul McCartney --The Christmas Song

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Yule-tide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos.

Everybody knows some holly
And some mistletoe
Will help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight.

They know that Santa's on his way
He's loaded lots of toys
And goodies on his sleigh
And every mother's child is gonna spy
To see if reindeer
Really know how to fly.

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although it's been said
Many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you.

The Christmas Song

by Torme and Wells (1946)

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire
Jack Frost nipping at your nose
Yule-tide carols being sung by a choir
And folks dressed up like Eskimos.

Everybody knows a turkey
And some mistletoe
Help to make the season bright
Tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
Will find it hard to sleep tonight.

They know that Santa's on his way
He's loaded lots of toys
And goodies on his sleigh
And every mother's child is gonna spy
To see if reindeer
Really know how to fly.

And so I'm offering this simple phrase
To kids from one to ninety-two
Although it's been said
Many times, many ways
Merry Christmas to you.

Sir Paul McCartney

Paul has announced a very special Christmas treat for fans with the release of an exclusive iTunes album 'Kisses On The Bottom – Complete Kisses' on November 26th in the UK / internationally and November 27th in the US.

'Kisses On The Bottom – Complete Kisses' will feature the hugely acclaimed album 'Kisses On The Bottom' alongside the entire 13 tracks from 'Live From Capitol Studios' concert performance, and four bonus tracks including a special festive recording of 'The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)', which Paul recorded at Avatar Studios in New York in September. The album will also feature a previously unreleased version of 'My Valentine' arranged by Johnny Mandel alongside the tracks 'Baby's Request' and 'My One And Only Love'.

'Kisses On The Bottom' was previously released in February this year to global critical acclaim and chart success. Recorded with the aid of Grammy−winning producer Tommy LiPuma and Diana Krall and her band, it is a collection of standards plus two brand new McCartney songs 'My Valentine' and 'Only Our Hearts' which feature guest appearances from Eric Clapton and Stevie Wonder respectively. The album topped the Billboard Jazz Charts upon its release and has remained in the chart for 40 weeks. It also reached the Top 5 of the UK Albums Chart, Paul's highest UK chart position in 15 years, and charted Top 5 all around the world.

Paul celebrated the album's release with 'Live From Capitol Studios', a very special and intimate concert at the legendary studios in February which was the first and only time that multiple tracks from 'Kisses On The Bottom' have been performed live. The stunning and unique show saw Paul reunited with the cast of all–star musicians who had joined him on the record as he performed behind the microphone without either his famous Höfner bass or any other instruments to hand. This magical once–in–a–lifetime performance will now be included on the forthcoming iTunes release 'Kisses On The Bottom – Complete Kisses'.


'Kisses On The Bottom':

01. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter 02:36
02. Home (When Shadows Fall) 04:04
03. It's Only A Paper Moon 02:35
04. More I Cannot Wish You 03:04
05. The Glory Of Love 03:46
06. We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me) 03:22
07. Ac–Cent–Tchu–Ate The Positive 02:32
08. My Valentine 03:14
09. Always 03:49
10. My Very Good Friend The Milkman 03:04
11. Bye Bye Blackbird 04:26
12. Get Yourself Another Fool 04:42
13. The Inch Worm 03:43
14. Only Our Hearts 04:21

Bonus Tracks:

15. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire) 03:35
16. Baby's Request 03:30
17. My One And Only Love 03:50
18. My Valentine (Johnny Mandel Original Arrangement) 03:12

Live From Capitol Studios:

19. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter (Live) 02:44
20. Home (When Shadows Fall) (Live) 04:26
21. It's Only A Paper Moon (Live) 02:55
22. More I Cannot Wish You (Live) 03:28
23. The Glory Of Love (Live) 03:53
24. We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me) (Live) 04:14
25. Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive (Live) 02:51
26. My Valentine (Live) 03:31
27. Always (Live) 04:21
28. My Very Good Friend The Milkman (Live) 03:14
29. Bye Bye Blackbird (Live) 04:45
30. Get Yourself Another Fool (Live) 07:48
31. My One And Only Love (Live) 04:16

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Isild Le Besco

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Boris Becker

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Steve Van Zandt, Richard Kind, Joslyn James, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Alden Ehrenreich, Mads Mikkelsen and Mr. Robert Vaughn

Happy Birthday guys. God bless.

Mariel Hemingway

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Mr. Arthur Hiller

Happy Birthday Mr. Hiller. God bless.

Mr. Terry Gilliam

Happy Birthday Mr. Gilliam. God bless.

Mark Ruffalo

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet and Gary Barlow (PA)

Kate Winslet has said she talked with the Queen about the joys of being a mother as she collected her CBE.

The Oscar-winning actress, 37, who achieved worldwide fame for her role in the 1997 blockbuster 'Titanic', was honoured at Buckingham Palace for services to drama, 100 years after the sinking of the "unsinkable" ship.

The actress who won a Best Actress Oscar for post-war romantic drama The Reader, was dressed in an outfit by Alexander McQueen for the ceremony, with a hat by Natalie Ellner for Ellsewhere.

Kate said the Queen congratulated her and asked how much she enjoyed acting.

"I said yes I liked it but not as much as being a mother. She said, 'it is the best job'."

Kate has a daughter, Mia, 12, with first husband Jim Threapleton and a son, Joe, with 'American Beauty' and 'Skyfall' director Sam Mendes.

The actress said the ceremony and honour were not comparable to the "terrifying spectacle" of events like the Oscars.

"It is a completely different kind of honour," she added. "The sense of gravity is enormous and you very much feel you are being acknowledged by the whole country in a way.

"There is something incomparably overwhelming about that."

'X Factor' judge, Take That singer and all round good guy Gary Barlow also collected his OBE from the Queen at the ceremony.

*Congrats to Kate and Gary. God bless.

Scarlett Johansson

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman


Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman waits around on the set of Thor: The Dark World on Wednesday (November 21) in London, England.

The 31-year-old actress’ face was made up to look super dirty for her upcoming scenes in the superhero action flick.

Last week, her co-star Chris Hemsworth was spotted in his Thor costume on the set! He filmed some action sequences throughout the week with some costumed villains.

Thor: The Dark World is set to be released on November 8, 2013!

*We love you Natalie. God bless.

Peter Facinelli and Jaimie Alexander

Peter Facinelli and Jaimie Alexander

Hollywood actor Peter Facinelli enjoyed a casual meal with actress Jaimie Alexander on Thursday — and Celebuzz has your exclusive first look at the couple’s meet-up in New York.

Sources for Celebuzz placed Facinelli, 38, and Alexander, 28, at The Penny Farthing in the East Village, where they sat down for a nice meal just prior to the premiere of Facinelli’s latest movie, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part II.

“They had a great time,” said the source, who confirmed they are dating. “They looked like a very cute couple.”

Facinelli, who split from wife Jennie Garth in March after 11 years of marriage, worked with Alexander three years ago on the film Loosies. They reunited in Europe in August, while Facinelli was doing publicity for Breaking Dawn and Alexander was shooting Thor 2.

They were spotted together at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, according to sources.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ming-Na Wen

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Sean Young

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Björk, Cynthia Rhodes, Cherry Jones, Rain Phoenix, Carly Rae Jepsen, Brian McNamara and Ms. Juliet Mills

Happy Birthday guys. God bless.

Jennifer Lawrence by Peter Gicas

Jennifer Lawrence is one serious Honey Boo Boo fan. So much so, that her obsession with the TLC reality star actually led to a car accident!
Let us explain.
Actually, the actress did just that while chatting with Jay Leno on Monday's Tonight Show.

Lawrence told Leno that while she was driving in Georgia recently, she came across a breast cancer parade that included people wearing sashes with the word "boobs" on them.
"I thought it was saying 'Boo Boo,'" and so I was like, 'Whoa, does that mean there's Honey Boo Boo?'" the Silver Linings Playbook star recalled. "So I started craning my neck and I saw a little girl, and I was like, 'That's Honey Boo Boo!'"
Unfortunately, in all the excitement, Lawrence ended up rear-ending the car in front of her and had to explain to the other driver what happened.
"I'm sorry that I hit your family," she said. "I thought I saw Honey Boo Boo."
Well, at least she was honest about it!