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Camilla Martin

Gena Lee Nolin, Tom Sizemore, Andrew McCarthy and Jeff Fahey

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Don Cheadle, Kim Delaney, Anna Faris, Paola Turbay, Beatrice Rosen and Ms. Diane Ladd

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In an interview with LA Times' Hero Complex, Portman talks about the changes her character underwent in the page to screen adaptation, as well as how she thinks this version of Foster is a good role model for young female fans..
CBM has been abuzz with Green Lanterny goodness since the trailer débuted the other day, but lets not forget about another little movie from the Marvel camp to be released next year. In Thor, Natalie Portman plays love interest to the God Of Thunder, Jane Foster. In the comics Foster was never really up there in terms of recognisability with say Mary Jane in Spider-Man, or even Betty Ross in Hulk. But Portman reveals that both her her and director Ken Branagh made sure she would be a memorable presence in the film..

“I signed on to do it before there was a script. And Ken, who’s amazing, who is so incredible, was like, ‘You can really help create this character.‘ “

“I got to read all of these biographies of female scientists like Rosalind Franklin who actually discovered the DNA double helix but didn’t get the credit for it. The struggles they had and the way that they thought — I was like, ‘What a great opportunity, in a very big movie that is going to be seen by a lot of people, to have a woman as a scientist.’

In the comic Foster is also a nurse, but her character was altered to be more relevant to the mythology that will be present in the movie. So instead of looking after the invalid Donald Blake(who will not feature in Branagh's film) she will be working to understand Thor's Asgardian(alien) heritage..

She’s a very serious scientist. Because in the comic she’s a nurse and now they made her an astrophysicist. Really, I know it sounds silly, but it is those little things that makes girls think it’s possible. It doesn’t give them a [role] model of ‘Oh, I just have to dress cute in movies.’”

Let's hope that kind of hard research pays off and Thor is as good as we all hope it will be. We find out one way or the other when it hits theatres on May 6th 2011(April 29th for me;). A new trailer is also rumored to be attached to Tron: Legacy which opens next month.

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Natalie Portman said that a Kenneth Branagh-directed Thor movie just sounded "super-weird" to her!
At a recent press conference for Jim Sheridan's Brothers, actress Natalie Portman said that she was so intrigued when she heard that director Kenneth Branagh was directing an adaptation of Marvel Comics' Thor that she just had to be a part of it:

"I just thought it sounded like a weird idea because Kenneth Branagh's directing it, so I was just like, 'Kenneth Branagh doing 'Thor' is super-weird. I've gotta do it.'"

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"Black Swan"

We previously reported that Natalie Portman will have a "ecstasy-induced hungry aggressive angry" sex scene with Mila Kunis in the upcoming Darren Aronofsky-directed "Black Swan" film. Now, Portman has commented on it to V magazine. "It's not raunchy - it's extreme," she said.

Portman added why she was previously against getting nude on screen. "Previously I was figuring out my own sexual identity, likes and dislikes and all that stuff, and it's weird to be doing stuff on film as you're figuring it out," she said. "Also, being a sexual object when you're a kid is really uncomfortable."

"Black Swan" centers on a veteran ballerina (Portman) who finds herself locked in a competitive situation with a rival dancer, with the stakes and twists increasing as the dancers approach a big performance. But it's unclear whether the rival is a supernatural apparition or if the protagonist is simply having delusions.

Source: V magazine/ Staff

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Claudia Schiffer

'Tall Dark Stranger'

By Christy Lemire
The Associated Press

Woody Allen is once again gleefully messing with his ridiculous characters' lives in "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger," but there isn't much joy for anyone watching.

Sure, there are some laughs to be had here and there at the sheer absurdity of it all. But mostly these people feel shallow, and it's hard to muster much enthusiasm for their foibles. They're just like us, Allen seems to be saying - except they're less interesting.

Not that it matters all that much. This is a very minor entry in the writer-director's prodigious canon, despite the major-league cast: Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts, Josh Brolin, Antonio Banderas. But it's a couple of supporting players who make the greatest impression: Freida Pinto and Lucy Punch, who represent opposite ends on the spectrum of female desirability.

And desire is what "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" is all about. These people all want something or someone that's different - or as they perceive it, better - than what they have, whether it's a job, an apartment or a new love.

Set in London like Allen's recent "Match Point," "Scoop" and "Cassandra's Dream," "You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger" similarly features the intertwined lives of the rich and the far less privileged who covet such wealth. And like "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" - his best film in quite a while, which earned Penelope Cruz a supporting-actress Oscar - this comedy has a narrator commenting on the characters' misadventures in stiff, almost mocking tones, quoting overused Shakespeare to illuminate his points.

Hopkins stars as wealthy Alfie Shepridge, who decides one day he's tired of being married to his longtime wife, Helena (Gemma Jones), and sets off on a new life of workouts, nightclubs and much younger women. The one he ends up falling for, though, is a working-class call girl and wannabe actress named Charmaine (Punch), whose paid-for affections he mistakes for love. It's a broad character, but Punch provides easy humor with her gangly, tacky presence, and things are far livelier when she's around.

Helena, meanwhile, heads off to a fake psychic (which, come to think of it, sounds redundant) who tells her what she wants to hear and takes her money. Helena then drops in after each session, unannounced, on her daughter, Sally (Watts), and Sally's American husband, Roy (Brolin), who are having marital problems of their own. With her passive-aggressive digs, Jones also provides some laughs, but these will make you squirm, too, because they hit a bit close to home.

Sally is an assistant at an art gallery, working for the sophisticated Greg Clemente (Banderas). But just as her career is taking off, she feels frustrated at home: She wants to have a baby, which Roy is reluctant to do. He's busy working on his second novel and trying to prove his successful first book was no fluke. Barely making any money, they're stuck living in a cramped flat. But the upside of that, for Roy at least, is the view: of the mysterious young woman who lives across the way, always wears red and plays the guitar beautifully. When he flirts his way into a lunch with her, Allen shows us up-close who this gorgeous creature is: Pinto, the star of "Slumdog Millionaire," and that first shot of her face will take your breath away.

Of course, she's not the answer to Roy's troubles, either, just as Charmaine won't make Alfie's life better and the psychic won't lead Helena in the right direction. They can all dream. We may or may not care.

Judd Nelson, Ed Harris, Karen Gillan, Jane Sibbett and Mr. Berry Gordy

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Juana Acosta, Paul Shaffer, Laura Antonelli, Randy Newman, Mr. James Karen and Pamela Hayden

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Elsa Benitez

Kristin Scott Thomas

Feast day

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Monique St. Pierre, Kristina Uhrinová and Mr. Jack Hogan

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Katie Cassidy, Dougray Scott, Billy Burke, John Larroquette, Tracey Walter, Christina Applegate and Kesia Elwin

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Gaspard Ulliel, Dejan Cukic, Amy Grant, Ms. Kathryn Grant, Darlanne Fluegel, Ben Stein and Jill Hennessy

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Jennifer Grey

by Gina Serpe

Everyone knows you don't put Baby in a corner. The same can now be said for Jennifer Grey, who proved last night that frontrunners are frontrunners for a reason, when she was crowned champion of Dancing With the Stars.

But that was then. In Los Angeles. By this morning, the three finalists and their ever-doting pros joined Good Morning America in its afterparty-themed Times Square studio, where they had just the perfect amount of sleep-deprived giddiness for morning television. As tends to happen in such a state, some revelations were had.

Here are the five best:

1. Jennifer Grey knows what you were waiting for. And she doesn't care. You wanted the lift, your grandma wanted the lift, the judges wanted the lift, the show's producers really wanted the lift. But guess what? Jennifer Grey didn't want the lift. So no lift!

"The thing that was so fun about it was we were trying to find some way to do something related to Dirty Dancing," she said of her freestyle. "I knew everybody wanted us to do something with 'Time of My Life,' there was a lot of pressure for that, but I knew that was a dance for Patrick and me. And I wanted to leave it as such."

2. Jennifer Grey is not Baby, so please stop referring to her as such. Sure, she and Derek Hough went by the team name Baby Derek, but as far as she's concerned, the world can pretty much draw a line under that nickname. Which eagle-eyed viewers might've cottoned on to during last night's freestyle: "When the dress comes off, it's no more Baby. It's all Jennifer," she explained.

And in case you're wondering, Grey ranks Dancing With the Stars above Dirty Dancing on the toughness scale.

"This dance experience was so much more difficult. [On Dirty Dancing] I learned basically one dance over a one-and-a-half month shoot. This is a new dance every four days. It's a completely different level of dancing, much more complicated, much more challenging."

3. Haters gonna hate. And, we assume, phone in bomb threats. Unlike in years past, when GMA set up parquet shop in the open-air middle of Times Square for the morning-after show, the group this year was completely confined to the ultra secure studio. Coincidence? Eh, probably not. Oh, and speaking of Bristol Palin, there are no hard feelings from the third-place finisher.

"I feel great, I feel amazing," she said. "I'm ready to go back home to my family." And then possibly head back out into the wide world of dance. When asked if there were any hot-stepping projects in her future, she said she was open to the prospect. And her dream job? Working as a background dancer in Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman" video. Sometimes the jokes just write themselves, are we right?

4. Jennifer's win secured Derek's place in Dancing With the Stars history. Hough is no doubt smiling extra wide today, as this threepeat has made him the show's most winning pro ever. Thanks to Grey, Nicole Scherzinger and Brooke Burke, Hough has three championships to his name—one more than his former pro sis Julianne Hough and his best pal Mark Ballas, who have just two apiece. So what's his secret? "He's insanely talented," Grey gushed. Oh, that'd be it, then.

5. They really are just one big happy family. Which means that Kyle Massey is the fun cousin everyone wishes they had. Forget those rumors of in-fighting and backstage discord (um, please?). Everyone really does get along.

"We've all become friends," Massey explained. "I love you guys!" And yes, he really is that smiley.

"No, never," partner Lacey Schwimmer said, when asked if he ever frowns. "Unless he's hungry." Yep, that's a real family all right.

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Heidi Klum

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston

John Travolta and wife Kelly Preston are parents to son Benjamin, who was born Tuesday in a Florida hospital.

The baby weighed 8 lbs., 3 oz.

"John, Kelly and their daughter Ella Bleu are ecstatic and very happy about the newest member of the family," they say in a statement. "Both mother and baby are healthy and doing beautifully."

Preston, 48, told PEOPLE recently that the entire family was in major preparation mode for their new addition as her pregnancy neared its end.

"I've been cleaning out everything in the house," Preston said in September. "Ella has been helping too. She's looking forward to being a big sister."

Travolta, 56, and Preston's son Jett suffered a fatal seizure at age 16 in January 2009.

'Lone Ranger'

Gore Verbinski will direct Disney's "The Lone Ranger," TheWrap has confirmed

Having done the near-impossible by making a pirate film people actually went to see, Verbinski will turn his attention to a different box office-challenged genre. The western.

"Lone Ranger" will reunite the director with his "Pirates of the Caribbean" team. Johnny Depp will star as Tonto and Jerry Bruckheimer will produce. No word yet on who will don the Ranger's mask and six shooters.

Depp and Verbinski also teamed up on the upcoming animated film "Rango." After directing the previous three "Pirates" films, Verbinski ceded directing duties for "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" to "Nine" director Rob Marshall.

Disney did not say say when filming would start or when the film would be released.

Deadline first reported news that Verbinski had been signed.

White Irish Drinkers (2010)

I was invited to an advanced screening of White Irish Drinkers with no expectations of the film, and I must say I was truly impressed.

From the acting of Steven Lang, who, as always - was extraordinary, to the under-appreciated Karen Allen in one of her best roles. And finally to Nick Thurston who delivered a strong, measured performance that anchors the story.

In addition, Seamus Tierney provided some exceptional cinematography shot on location in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn - rarely seen on film since Saturday Night Fever in 1977, which coincidentally is the roughly the year when Drinkers is set.

But it is the director/writer/producer John Gray who's long career of solid work has served him well in bringing this powerful story to life. Irish365

The Garden of Eden (2008)

Set in the jazz age years, prior to the depression, the story follows a successful young American writer, David Bourne, and his beautiful new wife, Catherine, on their extended honeymoon in Europe. Catherine soon becomes restless and starts to tests her husband's devotion, pushing him to the limits of her imagination. Already unsure of the games his wife is playing, David is both uncomfortable and curious when she brings a sultry Italian girl, Marita, to spice things up. As the erotic game reaches new levels, the events that follow will change their lives forever. by Katherine McCormack

Jennifer Jason Leigh

By Ken Lee

Just seven months after the birth of their son, Jennifer Jason Leigh is seeking to end her five-year marriage to director Noah Baumbach.

Leigh, 48, whose real name is Jennifer Morrow, filed for divorce on Nov. 15 in Los Angeles Superior Court, citing irreconcilable differences.

She's seeking spousal support as well as primary custody of their son, Rohmer, with visitation for Baumbach.

The couple met while Leigh was starring on Broadway as Catherine in Proof, a role she took on in 2001.

"I expect to be with [Leigh] for the rest of my life," Baumbach told PEOPLE at the premiere for his film The Squid and the Whale, just days after they were married in 2005.

The pair most recently co-wrote the 2010 film Greenberg starring Ben Stiller.

Mariel Hemingway, Jamie Lee Curtis and Scarlett Johansson

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Emir Kusturica, Katherine Heigl, Sarah Hyland, Lola Glaudini, Karine Vanasse, Amanda Wyss and Denise Crosby

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has admitted gaining 20 pounds for her role in new film 'Country Strong' was a ''nightmare'', as she couldn't stick to her strict diet and exercise regime.
Gwyneth Paltrow found gaining weight for a recent movie role 'a nightmare'.

The Oscar-winning actress - who had to gain 20 pounds for new film 'Country Strong' - admitted she 'panicked' when she became aware that she wouldn't be able to stick to her strict diet and exercise regime.

She explained: 'The nightmare thing about it is I had to stop working out. At first I panicked so I would work out a little bit and then I had to lie and be like, 'No I didn't work out'. I'd be on the treadmill and be like, 'I really have to stop this'.

'My body didn't really fall apart until right after we finished the movie and now I'm having problems.'

However, the 38-year-old star - who is married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin - confessed she enjoyed being able to drink more for the role, as she is 'a lush'.

She told talk show host Chelsea Handler on 'Chelsea's Big Interview Special': 'I drink a lot. I like red wine, but I'll drink white, rose. Guinness is my favourite beer, I like a dirty vodka martini. I'm just a lush, basically.'

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Colin Firth

by Marlow Stern

Playing George VI in The King’s Speech is Firth’s second Oscar-bait performance in successive years—can he finally shed the audience’s Mr. Darcy obsession?

It was, as The New York Times called it, “a moment as indelible in its way as the one in which Marlon Brando shouted ‘Stella!’ in his undershirt.” When aloof Mr. Darcy, played by a relatively unknown British actor in his mid-thirties, emerged from that sparkling lake 15 years ago, his white linen shirt just moist enough to hint at what lay beneath, only to encounter a surprised—and more than slightly aroused—Elizabeth Bennett, Colin Firth’s star was born.

Ever since that fateful scene, Firth’s career has been punctuated by various riffs on the Darcy persona. Whether it’s playing the repressed romantic victim to the brothers Fiennes—Ralph in The English Patient, and Joseph in Shakespeare in Love—or his meta-portrayal of the exact same character in the Bridget Jones films, the press has continually depicted Firth’s Darcy-like dalliances as a hungry ghost haunting Firth’s career.

“I’ve been hearing that for 15 years!” exclaimed Firth, who, at 50, hasn’t aged much since his career baptism. “I’m not trying to shake off Darcy!” His tone gets serious. “Never.”

In director Tom Hooper’s highly acclaimed new film The King’s Speech, Firth plays a fictionalized version of George VI—formerly Duke Albert, and great grandfather to the recently engaged Prince William—who is suddenly elevated to the throne when his brother abdicates, but struggles mightily to overcome an embarrassing stutter that’s plagued him since his early childhood. In order to fix his speech impediment, the then-duchess (Helena Bonham Carter) enlists the aid of Australian speech therapist Lionel Logue, played by Geoffrey Rush, in what is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

“I understand that stuff that’s been more visible has definitely associated me with characters who are a little more buttoned-up,” said Firth. “In order for fortune to play to your advantage, you have to play the game, too, and that usually just means knowing when to take a risk.”

“We call it ‘the bromance,’” said Firth. “It follows the dynamics of a love story that is becoming increasingly intimate; it’s one man trying to reach another man.” He pauses, before adding, “Goodness knows men put up barriers and are uncomfortable with intimacy, let alone men in 1937. Certainly the Australians and the English are not known for their comfort with opening their hearts as males and sharing their private grief.”

Preparing for the role of a royal is no simple task. One can’t just shadow the notoriously private royal family. It took a great deal of secondhand research and speculation on Firth’s part to capture what it was like to be the king of England, but still, nothing truly prepares you for it, not even being a celebrity heartthrob.

“I had a sensation—there were certain scenes where I walk down a corridor and everyone bows,” said Firth. “It’s freaky to see that! And to think that’s your life if you’re of that status is extraordinary. Nobody does that to me! I might walk down a corridor and flashbulbs go off, but there’s no respect there. Quite the opposite.”

When told that quite a number of British women would indeed bow at his feet, Firth blushed, let out a big smile, and said, “They’ve never done it!”

Firth’s characters have, as of late, displayed a newfound sense of vulnerability, epitomized by his performance last year as George Falconer, a gay, melancholic, middle-aged English professor who is grieving over the death of his ex-lover. Firth’s performance earned him numerous critical accolades, including an Oscar nomination for Best Actor—his first. It’s a far cry from the brooding, repressed characters he’s played that dominate his filmography.

“I understand that stuff that’s been more visible has definitely associated me with characters who are a little more buttoned-up,” said Firth. “In order for fortune to play to your advantage, you have to play the game, too, and that usually just means knowing when to take a risk. In a way, one of the reasons I did [A Single Man] was I thought, ‘This doesn’t feel ordinary to me. Whatever it is, it’s not going to be like everything else.’”

For his role in The King’s Speech, he first sought advice from his father, a history lecturer at the University of Winchester. “I remember him telling me quite a lot about the politics of World War II when I was a kid,” said Firth. However, since his father specialized in American history, he wasn’t much help. So, Firth then turned to his sister, a voice therapist.

“I just said to her, ‘What do you think an unorthodox therapist in 1937 might do that would seem really eccentric—and very mechanical?’”

What resulted is one of the film’s more humorous moments—a montage where the future king, at Logue’s behest, rolls around on the floor, shouts vowels, swings his arms, bows repeatedly, and jumps up and down, all to destabilize the rigid royal in order to confront his fear.

All of Logue’s training builds up to the moment when, on the eve of his country’s entrance into World War II, King George VI must deliver a crucial address to his people, warning them of the sacrifices that lie ahead. Firth summoned the king’s paralyzing fear by channeling his own frightening experience in the recording studio while laying down tracks for the film musical, Mamma Mia!, under the watchful eyes of ABBA members Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Andersson.

“I knew they were hard taskmasters, and knew they didn’t have time for anyone who they felt couldn’t sing their songs,” said Firth. “It didn’t have to be a musical theater voice, but fortunately, they just loved it. And it was a breakthrough. But standing in front of the microphone in front of these guys was, yeah, there was pressure!”

Toward the latter part of The King’s Speech, there’s a brief, playful scene where King George VI pays a visit to Logue’s home to ask for his help one last time. As the queen sits at the dining table, the two men huddle in the living room, toward the rear of the apartment. All of a sudden, the front door bursts open. It’s Logue’s wife, Myrtle, home from running her daily errands, and unaware of her husband’s clandestine arrangement with the king. She takes one look at the queen sitting at her dining table, and looks stunned. Then, out comes the king, and Myrtle’s jaw drops.

The entire incident would seem terribly de rigueur, if it weren’t for the fact that the actress who plays Myrtle is none other than Jennifer Ehle, who last gazed at Firth through the adoring eyes of Elizabeth Bennett.

Salli Richardson-Whitfield, Vincent Cassel, Mr. Robert Towne, Franco Nero and Maxwell Caulfield

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Happy Birthday Kelly. God bless.

Kelly Brook

Nicollette Sheridan

Kelly Brook

Kelly Brook has admitted she was tempted to call rap mogul P. Diddy for a chat when she got his number through a mutual friend.

Kelly Brook wanted to call P. Diddy for a late night chat after getting the rap star's number at a party.

The 'Piranha 3D' actress ended up with the hip-hop mogul's digits after meeting him through a mutual friend at an event, but Kelly's friend deleted his number from her phone to prevent her from making any embarrassing drunken calls.

She told new! magazine: "My friend knows him but his phone died at a party, so P. Diddy put his number in my phone. Then, my friend erased it because he thought I might call him drunk one night with my girlfriends, which I probably would have done! I would've been tempted to call him for a little late night chat."

Kelly - who has been single since splitting from rugby player Danny Cipriani earlier this year - also revealed she often sends racy text messages to men.

She said: "They can be quite cheeky. But I haven't sent any picture messages - boys do that!"

Although she likes to flirt, Kelly - who has been romantically linked to 'Glee' star Matthew Morrison - is not looking for love right now because she is too busy with her career.

The 30-year-old beauty said: "I'm not looking for men at the moment. I haven't got time to have a boyfriend or date anyone at the moment because I'm working and travelling so much."

Although she didn't get the chance to call P. Diddy, Kelly has gained a reputation for being flirtatious because she isn't choosy about who she gives her number to.

She explained: "I'm quite a friendly girl. I don't give it out to just anyone, but friends of friends. I'm friendly but boys might think that I'm being flirty."

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