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Keira Knightley

Mila Kunis

Keith Richards

Keith Richards no longer gets upset when his bandmates stop drinking.

The Rolling Stones rocker - who is renowned for his wild partying - has finally begun to understand why the group's guitarist Ronnie Wood wants to live a more sober lifestyle.

Ronnie - who has been sober for six months after repeated spells in rehab for alcohol and drug addiction - said: "Back in the mad old days Keith would hit me in the face with a bottle when I got out of order.

"These days he's got off his 'rehab is for quitters' high horse. He gets it now. I keep saying 'quitting, that's what I'm trying to do!'

"He used to see it as a sign of weakness. Now he's 'I can dig it. You're not as nice a person when you're overindulging."

Ronnie also said Keith has slowed down himself, after becoming more aware of his mortality since he was hospitalized in 2006 after falling out of a palm tree.

He added to Q magazine: "In his own way he has addressed the fact that at his time of life and especially after falling out of that tree, he can't hit things the same way he used to otherwise he will die. He knows that. We all do. Addiction is like being beaten over the head with a hammer. It's nice when it stops."

Keith quit heroin and cocaine at the end of the 70s but still drinks alcohol.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is "optimistic about love" at the moment.

The 20-year-old country singer - who is reportedly dating movie star Jake Gyllenhaal - has refused to confirm a romance with the actor but admits she is very happy with her love life right now.

Asked by Ellen DeGeneres how she feels about love, Taylor answered: "I'm always optimistic about love. Well, why wouldn't anyone be?"

To which Ellen said: "Especially if your boyfriend is Jake Gyllenhaal, because he is very handsome. Y'all are just hanging out though, right?"

Despite the 'Love Story' singer's refusal to acknowledge the relationship, chat show host Ellen gave her approval to the new couple.

She said: "I'm just saying he's adorable and I like him very much, and so if that is the case that he's your boyfriend, I think that's fantastic."

Referring to Taylor's recent revelation that she uses her romantic experiences as inspiration for her songs, Ellen asked: "Wouldn't he be nervous if anything goes wrong?"

Taylor and Jake, 29, were spotted holding hands and appeared smitten with each other whilst on a romantic walk around Brooklyn, New York, last Sunday (24.10.10).

The pair also attended a taping of comedy sketch show 'Saturday Night Live' on Saturday (23.10.10).

Taylor has previously dated Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner and was linked to 33-year-old singer John Mayer last year.

Jake has been single since his relationship with actress Reese Witherspoon ended 10 months ago.

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Patsy Kensit

Patsy Kensit has revealed that she is coping with her marriage split from DJ Jeremy Healy thanks to the support of her former husbands.

Patsy Kensit is getting over her fourth marriage break-up with help from her ex-husbands.

The actress split from her DJ husband Jeremy Healy in March after 11 months of marriage but said she doesn't want people to feel sorry for her because her former husbands have been so "supportive."

The 'Lethal Weapon 2' star told Style magazine: "I don't want sympathy. I've got great kids and my ex-husbands have been phenomenal this year. It has united the family, reinforced it."

However Patsy - who has two sons, James, 18, from her marriage to Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr, and 11-year-old Lennon, by Liam Gallagher - admitted she is "embarrassed" at a fourth failed marriage.

She said: "I feel embarrassed that my friends gave up a Saturday to come to that wedding."

The 42-year-old star has now sworn off marriage after realising that it is not for her.

She explained: "Something has died in me. It just has, I really mean that. It's not going to change. The definition of insanity is repeating something and expecting it to be different. I realise now that, clearly the marriage thing doesn't work for me. It's enough now. It's enough."

Patsy married first husband Dan Donovan in 1988 when she was just 19 but they split after three years, she then tied the knot in 1992 with Jim before separating from him in 1994.

She said "I do" to former Oasis singer Liam in 1997 but their union ended in 2000 - with the wild rocker announcing the split to around 90,000 fans while on stage at London's Wembley Stadium.

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Maria Sharapova

Former No. 1 blond Russian got a big fat diamond engagement ring from her basketball-playing boyfriend. Am I timely or what? So, Sasha Vujacic and Maria Sharapova are engaged. He proposed on the one-year anniversary of his first laying eyes on her at a friend's cookout. (Altogether now, Awwwww!) I suspect the 6-foot-7 Slovenian was probably thrilled to meet a woman who could actually look him in the eye without straining.

Sharapova's agent confirmed the news by email, while Vujacic addressed the rumor before his game Thursday night (he plays for the Los Angeles Lakers). "We are engaged and are both really happy," Vujacic told reporters. "It's good and now we can focus on other things." What "other things" is he talking about? Like, some future professional athletes? But there are more important questions to be answered. Like, who's going to sponsor the wedding? Does Cole Haan make wedding shoes? Will Nike design her wedding dress, and will there be a day and night version? And will the big day all be shot using a Canon PowerShot? These kids have a lot of planning to do.

In other blond Russian romance news, all's well between Anna Kournikova and her boyfriend, Enrique Iglesias. Sorry to any guys out there who were hopeful that the break-up rumors were true. Iglesias' people told Page Six that the split talk probably developed because of his being away on tour. Isn't that always how rumors get started?

source:Bleacherreport/Sarah Thurmond

Bill Wyman

Happy Birthday. God bless.

Jacqueline McKenzie, Kevin Kline, Shenae Grimes, Kirby Bliss Blanton, Jemima Rooper, Jackie Debatin, Nicole London and F. Murray Abraham

Happy Birthday guys. God bless.

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is teaching herself to eat more slowly after she started wolfing down her food.

Elizabeth Hurley "wolfs" down her food.

The 45-year-old actress has realised she has got into a "terrible" habit of eating too quickly, and is now consciously trying to chew her food for longer.

She said: "I realised I'd got into a terrible habit of wolfing my food - hardly chewing at all. I really try to chew everything now and it's made a massive difference to my digestion and I think it makes you eat less.

"I'm also trying not to eat so late at night, which again helps your digestion."

The brunette beauty - who has an eight-year-old son Damian - puts pressure on herself to maintain her trim figure, and has managed to lose 8lbs in the last few months.

Elizabeth - who is married to Indian businessman Arun Nayar -added: "I put myself under pressure to remain slim because I still model my own bikinis and I've lost about 8lbs in the last few months.

"The first thing most people ask me when they meet me is, 'How do you stay slim?' My organic snack bars are one of my secrets. They're under 100 calories and help me resist crisps and chocolate."

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Naomi Watts Plays Valerie Plame Wilson in a New Movie

Actress Naomi Watts had just given birth to her second child with Liev Schreiber and was in no mood to read Hollywood e-mails. But then the Valerie Plame Wilson treatment landed in her in-box and she couldn’t stop scrolling. Three weeks later, Watts was on the phone with the former CIA agent—outed by the Bush White House after her husband, Joseph Wilson IV, questioned its rationale for invading Iraq—digging for intimate details of her marriage. Fair Game, the resulting film, co-starring Sean Penn as Wilson, opens November 5. Watts and Plame Wilson are an unlikely pair—it’s hard to tell who’s the blonde starlet and who’s the steely covert operative, but hey, that’s Hollywood—yet they have become e-mail friends. Plame Wilson now lives far from Washington, in Santa Fe, with Wilson and their two children; Watts and her family have settled in New York. But the two met up to talk with New York. Not surprisingly, the career spook asked more questions than she answered.

Naomi, how did you prepare to play Valerie?
Naomi Watts: I really wanted to get into the marriage. I wanted to know the story of how Valerie dealt with this in the privacy of her own home.
Valerie Plame Wilson: How we dealt with conflict. Who was the stronger character.
NW: Who wears the pants! Who were you before this and how did you change after and during this?
VPW: They were really thought-provoking questions.
NW: I had to get you liquored up. [Both laugh.]

Valerie, you were living a double life. There were things you couldn’t even share with your husband.
VPW: Maybe because I had lived that life for some time, I didn’t find that odd. And fortunately, because Joe had served in government and had interaction with the CIA, he understood that and he never … But overnight, when all that shifted, it just became much more difficult to sustain. The fact that I couldn’t tell him things all of a sudden, that became an issue. There is that scene in the park where Joe says, “Well, if you were lying, could I tell?” It hadn’t bothered him before, because he understood what the job entailed. Then all of a sudden it became, “Huh, what am I doing with her?” As deeply as I loved him, it looked desperate at times. We were both just trying to deal with it.
NW: I think we all know that the construct of a marriage is a difficult thing. You lost everything in a day—your career, Joe’s reputation. You almost lost each other in the process of trying to understand it all. What I loved about this story is that they got through it.

Did you find similarities to your careers and marriages?
NW: Yeah, this whole hiding behind characters, and when you go out there, Valerie, and you are trying to recruit an asset, you have to be another persona. It’s sort of the same thing, but you know, the difference is, if I do badly, I might get a bad review, but she might end up with a bullet in her head. [Both laugh.]
VPW: Totally different worlds, but we are both working mothers. I saw you on the set nursing and then leaving your trailer to do a scene. And then it’s, “I’ve got to get home because Liev is filming, too, and he has to be up at four.” It’s classic chaos. Just trying to keep it all together.
NW: And I remember being completely fascinated with how you dealt with getting on a flight to Jordan to meet an asset. Do you do it with ease, with guilt?
VPW: It’s never easy.
NW: I feel like there are days where I go, “Oh, I can do this. I’ve got it covered.”
VPW: Yeah, and then the nanny calls and says, “I’m not coming in today.”
NW: Or your child misbehaves badly in front of people and you’re like, “Ooohh.”
VPW: Like it’s a reflection on you.
NW: And you go, “What have I done?”

You guys e-mailed a lot while Naomi was in Spain shooting the tsunami film The Impossible—in a pair of giant water tanks, right?
VPW: You were waterlogged. How many hours a day were you in the water?
NW: At least six. And I’m looking at the camera guys in the head-to-toe wetsuits, and I’m in my little beach outfit.
VPW: Did they heat the water?
NW: No. They do the half-in and half-out shots. And then there is the underwater one where we were thrown under the water and moving through hotel lobbies and things like that.
VPW: Wow, that would be really cool.
NW: There were rooms and furniture and things coming at you.
VPW: And they had to film all that? And you had furniture floating at you?
NW: Furniture, wires wrapped around your neck.
VPW: And you can only do like twenty seconds for a take, right?
NW: Exactly. The scuba equipment is underneath. You get in place, and they put you in this chair which is going to spin around, and then the camera is down there, too, and just before “Action,” you push away. But you still have to hold your breath for twenty seconds. It’s very scary.

How do you each deal with the media?
VPW: I’m in such awe. I don’t know how Naomi does this for a job. I find it extremely difficult. And she is always professional and gracious and has a thoughtful answer and it’s fresh every time. You know, I do this and I can go back to Santa Fe and do my thing.
NW: But so do Liev and I, by the way. This is not a natural state for us. We go back to normalcy in the privacy of our own home. But it’s never comfortable doing this side of things. Selling something doesn’t feel like a natural state for an actor. Although some are really good at it.
VPW: Do you think some people like it?
NW: Some do. I don’t know if they are the good ones.
VPW: What is it about that personality that can absorb and carry that?
NW: It’s a whole other art form. They are not connected, really. In fact, most actors are incredibly shy people, and they like to hide. It seems like a contradiction, but it’s true.
VPW: Do you think most actors are shy? And is it to overcompensate?
NW: Yeah, you know, and I’m exposing myself deeply here, but it is a need for validation. Definitely. Like, you know, in the sense of creating that family vibe on the film set.
VPW: It’s very much its own little world. Do you feel that with each film you have, that it creates its own little universe?
NW: Yeah, absolutely. It is. Every time you go and you’re as thick as thieves, and you are like, “I love you” and “We’ve got to stay in touch.” You know, all that eye contact and “This is a serious commitment!”
VPW: And do you?
NW: Rarely. [Laughs.] Sorry to say. But sometimes.
VPW: And the media, how do you deal with it with your children? My rage knew no limits.
NW: Liev knows how to deal with them better than me. We try to negotiate with them. He’ll say, “Okay, little bit of eye contact, we will give you a picture. Hang with us a few blocks, but then you must disappear.”
VPW: And they listen?
NW: Most of the time they will. Anyway, look, it’s not nearly as scary as what your life was out there in the field.
VPW: That all depends on your perspective. [Both laugh.] Gray

Lee Loughnane, Steve Lukather and Carrie Fisher

Happy Birthday guys. God bless.

IMG Admits to Betting

Ninety minutes. That's all it took for IMG's damage control/smear campaign to get fully up and running.

It's how long it was from the time my column on the Roger Federer/IMG gambling lawsuit reached the web Friday until I heard from an IMG vice president defending his CEO, Theodore Forstmann, and referring to the man suing him, Jim Agate, as a "whackjob.''

"And you wrote that (Forstmann) bet against Roger Federer,'' the VP said. "That isn't true. He bet on Federer to beat Rafael Nadal (in the 2007 French Open final). He lost $40,000 on that match.''

I heard a similar thing from someone else representing IMG, which serves as Federer's agent. That's fine, but just one point, one serious, serious point:

It is a major breach of tennis rules, not to mention ethics, for Forstmann, who runs a company that owns several pro tournaments, to be betting on tennis at all.

This is about to become a major scandal for tennis. It extends beyond tennis, too, into the sports world in general.

Agate contends that Federer was providing inside information on tennis to Forstmann, who was then betting. Imagine Roy Halladay tipping off Bud Selig, and Selig betting on it.

Federer has denied involvement, and maybe I'm being gullible, but he just doesn't seem the type to do anything to harm tennis. I doubt he had anything to do with this, at least not knowingly.

But Forstmann's recklessness has brought Federer's gold-standard name into the mud. Not only that, but also Forstmann, according to his spokesperson, has bet on golfer Vijay Singh to win the Masters.

See, IMG is a huge player in sports, extending far beyond its image as a firm of sports agents. Still, plenty of the world's top athletes, including Tiger Woods, are represented by IMG.

So Forstmann, pictured below, has serious access to top athletes and is making bets? He has been risking the credibility of the world's most famous athletes.

Agate has claimed three things that matter here: 1) that Forstmann bet on sports 2) that Agate was the go-between with betting houses and 3) that Federer was providing info.

Well, we now know that No. 1 is true. And for Agate to have known about No. 1 suggests the very real possibility that No. 2 is true, too. If someone makes three claims, and the first two are true, then you have to investigate No. 3.

Tennis must investigate Federer.

To be clear, not one bit of evidence has been produced against him. But you can't just ignore this.

Credibility and conflict of interest are about perception, after all. And a sport can't allow questions about whether its most important moments are legit.

IMG owns several tournaments; manages several top players, including Federer, Nadal, Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams; is a part-owner of The Tennis Channel; and owns the famous IMG Bollettieri Academy. When Wimbledon considered charging websites to cover the tournament this summer -- something it later backed away from -- it was IMG who called me to say so.

Players, tournaments, media. IMG has power, influence, connections and access.

A few years ago, with tennis facing a fixing scandal, the sport's governing bodies endorsed the Tennis Integrity Unit to fight a growing gambling issue in the sport. The unit's spokesman Mark Harrison wouldn't comment on a particular case, but when I asked him if the owner of tennis tournaments can bet on other tournaments, he wrote this back in an email:

"The owner of a tournament would be a 'covered person' under the Uniform Tennis Anti-Corruption Program ... A covered person could be subject to financial penalty, suspension or a ban from involvement with professional tennis.''

He also forwarded several parts of the rulebook under the heading: Corruption Offenses.

Part A reads, "No Covered Person shall, directly or indirectly, wager or attempt to wager on the outcome or any other aspect of any event or any other tennis competition.''

But ban IMG from tennis? Hah! IMG all-but owns tennis.

Forstmann spoke with -- a story forwarded to me by the IMG machine -- and called Agate a stalker, shakedown artist and scumbag. He says he befriended Agate, who owns Agate Printing in Los Angeles, and tried to help him. Then, he said, Agate started making things up about Forstmann in an attempt to extort money.

But in the same story, Forstmann says he bets on sports, and also said this: "I might have called Roger (Federer) before the match in 2007, but Roger is a buddy of mine and all I would be doing is wishing him luck. How is that insider information?"

This gets uglier by the minute.

IMG officials seem to think it's not a big deal because Forstmann bet on Federer instead of against him. I guess that does suggest that Federer wasn't throwing the match. But someone with this much influence in the game, and access to private information, cannot be gambling on it.

IMG does make a compelling case against Agate's credibility. Jim Gallagher, the senior VP who contacted me, said that Agate had made similar claims in a lawsuit a couple years ago, and that the case was dropped. Afterward, Gallagher said, Agate sent a letter to Forstmann. IMG sent me a copy of what it said was the letter:

"I deeply regret falsely attacking your character and falsely describing your activities to many people,'' Agate had written. "I apologize for all my erratic and harassing e-mails. I did not intend to hurt you, but I was extremely frustrated. My energy has been misplaced for some time and I believe those days are over.''

IMG also says that Agate has had dozens of addresses over the past couple years. Do a Google search on Agate Printing, call the number that comes up and you get a message that says the number has changed or does not exist. Agate's lawyers did not return a call.

Agate says that Forstmann left him with tax liabilities based on the gambling losses.

The VP, and also a woman saying in an e-mail that she was from the law firm representing Forstmann, made the point several times that Forstmann is not Federer's agent. Tony Godsick of IMG is. Forstmann is the big boss.

I don't know how that matters. They also wanted it clear that Forstmann was betting on Federer, not against. Nadal won, so Forstmann lost the bet.

I guess IMG thinks this is proof Forstmann and Federer weren't fixing matches. Maybe it's shows somehow that Forstmann wasn't breaking the law.

But let's just say every word IMG says is 100 percent true. Still, the CEO with influence on tennis was betting on the game. A power player with access to the world's top athletes was betting on other sports, too.

It is such an unbelievable lack of judgment for a leader in a sport with a gambling problem.

I doubt anyone has the stomach to ban or suspend IMG, but I wonder whether some of its clients might consider running away. Whatever happens, it's time to dig deeper.

source:Greg Couch/

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Daniela Pestova

This coming thursday(Oct 14), will be your birthday. Happy Birthday. God bless.

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